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  1. Read this: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Pantethin...il-t166672.html
  2. Thank you Qdogg! The zinc picolinate was incredibly effective! I feel the difference, eyesight hair etc., its wonderful. With the monomethionine, the copper with it was upsetting me, but the picolinate only has zinc, so its EXACTLY what I needed. I alternate with sometimes taking 1 and a half pills of picolinate (37.5mg) and just one pill (25mg) in the morning, exactly what I needed (for those of you taking zinc, for some reason my thirst for water increased greatly). I had oily skin and now I'm
  3. I wanted to update on my opinion on zinc forms: I ran out of zinc monomethionine so I took the zinc gluconate that I had, and there was a huge difference between the two. I found that the gluconate was inefficient, my vision got craptastic again and the edges of my hair were weakening. I thought maybe it was the dosage, so I upped to about 90mg daily (for like 2/3 days, just to test), and still NOTHING, no effect whatsoever, everything was worsening, slowly but surely. After the monomethionine t
  4. The recommended dosage of VitA is 5,000 IU, although you are below the upper-limit you are already overdosing to an extent.
  5. Those two forms are the two main ones sold on the market. How did I discover I was zinc deficient? Basically I noticed drastic changes in my body as soon as I started taking it (30mg of monomethionine): First and foremost being that my hair was growing thicker and that my hairline moved down (I have a strong hairline now), my gains at the gym stabilized more, more energy overall, and not only that, my vision started to improve. HOWEVER, I am deficient in it (I had an idea I was deficient in it
  6. All those reads and no replies, I don't know if anyone cares but this is most likely my first and last update. Well, the healing has been going along nicely, and it's gotten to the point where you REALLY can't see it unless you're up close, there a few things that I have noticed that greatly enhanced the healing process. The CP Serum was the driving force behind this whole process, without it, who knows what could have happened, I really owe this board for suggesting it. The CP serum and BP is a
  7. There are basically two forms of zinc on the market out there: Zinc gluconate and Zinc monomethionine. (the sticky on this website writes glutonate, I presume they meant gluconate? http://www.acne.org/messageboard/PLEASE-READ-t38647.html) My main question is, what is the difference between the two? Taking gluconate or monomethionine, which one is more advantageous? I was taking monomethionine at first (a minimal amount of copper was included in one pill), it was great (no side affects), I then b
  8. There also seems to be a misunderstanding about pores and why some areas are noticeable and some aren't, and why some people have enlarged ones and some dont. As for the areas, the only reason the pores on your nose are noticeable more than any others is due to the fact that these pores, on average, are something like 1500x more oily than any others. For whatever reason, much more sebum is produced on the skin on the nose and surrounding area. This is with everyone. Some have enlarged ones becau
  9. I must also note: I take good care of my body, never smoked (for those with skin problems that are currently smoking, well... I guess the problems must not be that bad, because you dont really care for results). I also work of regularly, why post about this? Small cuts on the hand, paper cuts, bruises etc., small things that heal with all people heal 25% faster with those that exercise on a regular basis. The body has a healing mechanism that is like anything else, the more it is in use the bett
  10. WARNING, VERY LONG. I felt I owe this board since this board provided tons of research and really helped me out (after lurking for some time). My skin type: I have really unique skin, not in a good way. Basically, my skin is very oily but at the same time sensitive to most products, harsh or not. For example, when I was young I used just your basic bar soap on my face, I felt the cleanse but I would get big red blemishes couple of days later. Same story with Neutrogena bar. The odd thing is, is