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  1. Update: Sooooo when I went to the derm last month while I was sick I was taken off Accutane. Yesterday I went to the derm and I'm being put back on Accutane however I had to be re-registered and have that stupid 30 day waiting period again. Just great. So August 27th I get to start taking Accutane again and hopefully can finish the course without any further issues. I told my derm how bummed out I was that I got sick.... my skin was clear. I do have to say although I've been off Accutane fo
  2. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Due to a rather nasty cold sore outbreak all over my freaking face I'm off Accutane until July 25th. I can't take Accutane with cold sores because it will cause scaring all over. Needless to say I'm a little upset..... ok I'm really pissed off. My skin was almost flawless after 20 days and now I get to watch it get nasty again. Oh and with my cold sores I can't wash my face.... well I can but very carefully so I don't touch the sores..... I seriously have three sores on
  3. Haven't updated in a while..... but I have gross strep throat....which somehow (it's a long and rather disgusting story) ended up getting on my face and infected my face....so I have a form of strep on my face.....gross me out. So I have about 6 things on my face..... and two pimples from being sick and not being able to take my Accutane. My throat is soooooo swollen I haven't eaten anything but applesauce and popcicles in 4 days....which isn't smart....I passed out twice today and ended up in
  4. So today I got 3 small pimples.... on my forehead.... and one on both of my temples. The small one on my forehead I popped and now it's red..... it'll be gone by tomorrow hopefully. And the two on my temples are just red ugly bumps....ewwww so a little Retin-A cream will hopefully do the trick. In the mornings I've been having nasty dry skin on my chin and I have to put on lotion two to three times a day otherwise it's pretty disgusting and I look like a monster. The red marks are still fadi
  5. Day 19 My skin has been looking amazing and then bam I woke up this morning with dry skin.... all over my mouth and skin... it looked like I drooled all over. Last night before I went to bed I noticed some nasty dry skin patches which sucks because I was out in public looking like that.... ewww. I'm going to probably start cutting back on my Retin-A cream at night.... just spot treat instead of loading up on it....maybe that'll help with the super flakey dryness? Who knows? Anyway my skin l
  6. Update So I went to the beach and guess who got burnt? I did... but not on my face.... just my calves which isn't too bad. They're a little red.... it's my fault for not putting enough sun block on and I didn't really pay attention to see if my legs were under the umbrella the entire time. My face is fine and last night one of my friends (who I see all the time) told me my skin looks really good..... you have no idea how happy that made me.....
  7. Day 18 I'm going to risk it (I know I shouldn't) and head to the beach today...don't worry I have sunblock on and I'll be sitting under one of those old lady unbrellas. Also, I plan on drinking.... I know *shame* on me... but it's only going to be Mike's Hard Lemonade.... so that doesn't really count as alcohol does it? I can't help it.... anyway I'm hoping I don't fry....I'll update later
  8. Day 17 I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst sore throat ever, it hurt so bad that water didn't help at all. I took some childrens sore throat stuff.... the only medicine I had in the house for sore throat....and it felt better for a while. It still hurts and it's driving me crazy. I just woke up at it's 2pm..... I've had more than enough sleep and yet still am tired. I called my mom and we both agreed I'm not depressed because I want to go hang out with friends and go shoppi
  9. Day 16 I don't know if this is a good thing or not.... but on the nights I drink I haven't been taking my Accutane. It doesn't appear to bother my skin that much, in fact I notice it gets more dry when I'm not taking it. Today I can feel my nose is really freaking dry.... along with my bottom lip and the area right by my mouth. Lately I've been super tired.... I got into bed around 4 this morning and it took forever to fall asleep...and then I couldn't stay asleep..... and then slept off an
  10. Day 15 I don't have new pimples but I've noticed that my pores appear to be getting bigger.... I could be mistaken and need to stop looking in the mirror..... but I swear that's what it looks like. I went out last night for the first time in forever without any foundation on!! My forehead was flaking a little today but I didn't put on any lotion so that could have caused it. Anyway I'm having nasty chapped lips whenever I don't use Vicks at night. So I'm going to do my best to remember to p
  11. Day 14 So I've taken two weeks worth of pills and really have started to see a difference. My skin isn't as oily and after I wash my face I have to put on lotion otherwise it hurts...which isn't a big deal. The red marks I've had on my face forever are fading away quicker than usual. Overall my face feels smoother and I can see that in some places my skin tone is starting to even out. I posted a picture in my album without any make up on...it's kinda scary so beware.... anyway my face is cl
  12. Day 13 Update I couldn't take it anymore, I had to pick at my two pimples and now they're really gross and scabbed. So I was looking at my nose which never really bothered me before but now ewww I have all these blackheads....actually I had them before but they weren't like popping out. If it wasn't for those two stupid scabs my face wouldn't be looking so bad....ughhhhhh. Ok so time to see if the pore strips will help out my nose....