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  1. Hi everyone. So I’ve been on the regimen for 11 months now, and I’m happy to say that I’ve achieved almost 100% clear skin which is a miracle. Now that it is under control I want to focus on perfecting my regimen to where my face is no longer red and irritated. I currently use all acne.org products aside from the moisturizer. I use cerave with added jojoba oil in the am, and cetaphil with added jojoba oil in the pm. I am only using .5 of a pump morning and night, but I am still left with a red t
  2. So I've been on the regimen for 6.5 months now, and I'm still struggling with redness caused by BP. I know it is not rosacea because there is a pronounced line on my jawline, and around my eyes where the skin turns red from applying BP. So I currently use only 1 pump of BP, and this is enough to help me stay clear. I also use jojoba oil. Anyone have any advise to help redness??? Should I wait less time in between applying bp and my moisturizer? ( I currently wait a strict 10 minutes ). Anythin
  3. So I am just a week shy of hitting my 6 month mark on the regimen, and I am still battling excessive flakiness. I wake up with a big amount of flakes all over my face, and also at night, I start to flake quite a bit as well, not even 12 hours post morning routine. Here is my current daily routine, for both morning and night: Cleanse, 1.5 pumps bp, and Cerave Moisturizing Lotion to moisturize, with about 6 drops of jojoba oil. Please help me out as this is very frustrating, and I haven't hear
  4. Sup guys! So I've been on Dans Regimen a little over 4 months now, and I have to first off say that this has been the best, most results-yielding treatment I have ever taken for my acne. I am 95% clear, which seems too good to be true. However, I'm still struggling with dry skin and flakiness? I figured by month four I'd be fine, but the flakes persist. So I now there's already a million and a half posts about flakes, but I want this one to be different. I'm looking for advice from real, expe
  5. So I had my very first microneedling appointment done yesterday (April 17th, 2017) I am on the end of my tenth week of Dans regimen, so I figured it would be a good time to jump-start my scar revision process. The doctor used 2.5mm needles, using the "Rejuvapen." I only had my cheek areas treated, because those ares are really my only areas of concern. I'm dealing with mild-moderate rolling scars, possibly even a boxcar scar or two, however, all of these scars are very smooth, and do not exceed
  6. Hey @beautifulambition thanks for helping me out. so I am currently in the middle of my 10th week, and tomorrow at 11:00am is my first microneedling appointment. They're going to be using the Rejuvapen, with 2.5mm needles. I just have a couple of last minute questions - is it okay to be using BP / Glycolic acid tonight, even though it is the night-before? And for after the treatment, do I apply a full 2 pumps of BP 24 hours later? Also, I do have about 2 or 3 active spots, and I am very worried
  7. This is me 3 days shy of my 2 month mark since the start of Dan's regimen. In fact, these photos are doing my skin justice, because the red marks are far more evident in person. Here's a quick re-cap of my past 2 months. So I began February 9th, 2017 and have done mostly everything exactly as outlined in the regimen's instructional video, and text. I say "mostly" because I did experiment with reducing my BP to only 1.5 pumps for a couple of days during my week 6. I tried this because th
  8. @beautifulambition Thanks a ton for the reply. So I have my first treatment scheduled for this Saturday, 04/01/2017. They will be using 2.5mm needles with the "Rejuvapen", and I just wanted to ask some last-minute questions. 1. So on Saturday morning before my appointment, should I just wash my face with the cleanser, skip the BP, and just moisturize? 2. After my appointment, should I only use the products that they have supplied for post-treatment care? I am worried that skipping an entire
  9. Hey guys. This is actually my first post ever on here so cut me some slack if this is already a subject and I just couldn't find it. Anywho, I've been on Dan's regimen for just shy of 3.5 weeks now, and life has gotten so much better already. Everything has pretty much gone just as Dan had outlined on the "what to expect" timeline. I've been suffering with moderate cystic acne for about 4 years, and I wish so badly I had found this site earlier. My cysts have calmed down so significantly, and it