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  1. Well haven't been on for a few weeks Back to report perfectly clear skin. Not a single active. I did have 2 a couple of weeks ago, but nothing since they healed, and i can't feel anything getting ready to come up. The lump i had on my chest has gone down, but that was really sore and nasty! The acne i had all on the tops of my arms - gone. Skin is so soft. Now i am taking 40mg a day I have been having a little bit of alcohol... naughty lol. I feel ok but i really must get the blood tests sorte
  2. I personally dont like it myself and i dont think its non acnegenic
  3. I dont think it would really make things worse but personally for myself, like Wynne said skin is so dry (not sure how your is) that the tan doesn't stick and looks patchy. I can't exfoliate as it hurts
  4. i really dont have an answer but i know exactly where you are coming from! I have found the skin is thinner so sometimes it just bursts on its own! but picking could lead to more scarring
  5. I use my children's one, its from Superdrug. Its a spray. I dont think it has made my spots worse, but it irritates my eczema something chronic i have been quite surprised so far i haven't burnt or even gone that red, and its been really hot down south
  6. I have kids so i have always used it on them and yes i have used it on myself, it has zinc in it doesn't it? It doesn't sting which is good, but now i am not using it on my face, just aloe vera gel. It is good at healing, but i have found other nappy rash products which heal even faster (obviously for babies bottoms), there is one called metanium and another bepanthen. What they would be like on the face i have no idea but they are really good
  7. saw the derm and she lowered my dose to 40mg a day. She isn't doing any more bloods (she is crazy) so i have to go to the gp for these now. I have been getting headaches loads and hopefully the lower dose might help reduce these gave me creams for my eczema which has really helped, its nearly all gone My skin is looking great, i still have active spots here and there but how can i put it, it doesn't look so angry and inflamed. It also heals up really fast the only other thing is that i
  8. She is a bit crazy and hard to talk to. Anyway i am about 7 nearly 8 weeks into a 4 month course 50mg I had a blood test at the start before i started which is apparently totally fine (good). She is decreasing my dosage to 40mg a day, treating my eczema oh and apparently i dont need any more blood tests at all (i have had none to check the effects of the meds on my bloods) and i dont ever need to see her again. I am not even finished the course yet. And no pregnancy tests or anything This is
  9. seem to have cleared up again really fast and no active spots for a few days seeing derm today hopefully she can help with the skin on my arms
  10. yesterday i could feel hard lumps on my chin area, and now they have swollen overnight. I am due my period next week its the only thing i can think - i have been clear for a while now its period time coming and they are coming back. And i dont understand how its purging when cysts and pustules are forming in places where they have already formed and not near any obvious blocked pores (chin and lower cheek) or over any lumps, that skin was previously very flat now
  11. Its illegal to give alcohol to a child under the age of 5 Its legal to drink in the home of a responsible adult as far as i am aware how often does this happen? in reality i'd love to know, none of my friends parents allowed drinking of spirits and high strength lager and parties regularly in their homes so it tended to be in public places... (illegal) if so you are very lucky to have such easy going parents, most of the stats related to underage drinking/crime/illness is because children are
  12. lol thats the difference isn't it - i dont drink to get drunk, i like the taste and its a relaxing experience occasionally If you drink to get drunk you probably use up all or most of your units in one night, and that is bad for your body, even if you give yourself a week off. Small regular amounts of alcohol is better for you apparently if you are drinking to get drunk, spirits would work quicker, but you likely would drink even more because they are smaller ie before you were sick or felt r
  13. I hate spirits and wouldn't drink as much beer iyswim, because there is more liquid i am inclined to drink less of it, whereas spirits even with a mixer are smaller, i would drink more
  14. I think if you are sensible, dont binge drink, dont mix your drinks and alternate with soft drinks if you are out, and otherwise have a healthy diet with lots of water and exercise then there is no real reason why you should not treat yourself to alcohol from time to time, but it probably can have effects on skin in the dehydration sense - but i am not sure at all whether it causes spots to form. I think what happens is that teenagers and young people (i am in my 20's) tend to lead a hectic life
  15. yes and i think you are right, its your attitude that has to change, because it doesn't matter how many times people tell you your skin is nice, you find something that isn't nice and obsess over it. Sometimes i think everyone is just saying it to be nice. Then this bitch at work said to my face 'god what is wrong with your skin?' and it upset me for ages. Also if i get a huge cyst people will go 'oooh that looks really painful!' which isn't insulting really but what i ended up doing was unfortu