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  1. Accutane was first used for rosacea. Though in much smaller doses, so who knows.
  2. I am on 80mg of accutane a day. I take two doses, one in the morning (about 9am) with food and one with dinner (about 6pm). Question is, is this ok, or should I spread out the doses further?
  3. Just tell your derm that you already have taken antibiotics/topicals. He/she should put you on it then. Worked for me.
  4. More, much, much more. I am on 80mg of Claravis (generic accutane), I got it at Walgreens. It was a whopping $547 dollars a month without insurance. Although i will have my next scrib filled at Costco. They only carry amnesteem, but the same quantity/dosage there is only $320. SHOP AROUND!!!!
  5. I'm on day 15 and i'm starting the initial breakout, pimples seem different than before though. Difficult to explain though, they seem harder and more cyst-like than before accutane.
  6. Anyone know of any good accutane forum/chatrooms?
  7. On Monday March 7th, I started a treatment of accutane at a dose of 80mg/day (40mg in the morning 40 at dinner). I'm a male wheighing 155lbs, How soon should I expect side effects, initial breakout and clearing?
  8. I just paid $547.00 for 60 40mg doses of Claravis at Walgreens, when i could have paid $350 (roughly) for the same quantity at Costco! My advice for uninsured isotretinoin users: BUY AT COSTCO!!!!!!
  9. I just started a 5 month treatment of 80mg /day dose of Claravis. Has anyone completed treatment with this generic form of Accutane? If so, how did it turn out?
  10. I started Claravis @ 80mg a day (two 40mg doses a day) on March 7th 2004.