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  1. Brigitte18

    Week 5

    This week has been interesting. It seems like the purging on my chin has definitely diminished and now I'm just left with a few pimples still healing and some marks that are quickly fading. I've also noticed that all of the closed comedones and clogged pores around my mouth and chin are gone now which makes me super happy to see some definite improvement! However this week my forehead has broken out like crazy in tiny inflamed bumps mostly in the center, in between my eyebrows and right on my ha
  2. It's the very beginning of week five and holy crap, my skin is so clear! There are still a few tiny scabs and red dots where some blemishes are still healing but I don't have any active pimples. My skin tone is very even as well, and I've noticed that I have almost zero clogged pores! That's such a miracle to me because in the past even when my skin was perfectly clear, I always had clogged pores in my problem areas. This is such a relief to me because now when my skin clears up it won't breakou
  3. I'm nearing the end of week four and my skin is making loads or progress. Everything on my chin besides the one deep pimple is flat and healing redness. With makeup on it looks barely even noticible! I've noticed a large reduction in peeling in many places except where my problem area are - mostly my chin and the center of my forehead. This is good news as every time it peels, it gets smoother and less red. I let it peel for as long as I can and exfoliate about twice a week. Forehead is still pu
  4. Ughhhh this breakout is killing me. Mostly centered on my chin and the center of my forehead. Luckily I have bangs so that's not too much of an issue, but the chin is bad- I even gave into picking so now it's just one big scab and one large under the skin type noduole, along with a whole lot of redness which contrasts my pretty pale skin. I'm determined to let the scab heal on its own and NOT pick it prematurely at all, even if it means awful makeup application, so hopefully when it peels that w
  5. Ahhhhh this breakout is killing me. However, all of my closed comedones are now healed! I would say that just in a few days, my forehead and around my top lip is about 80% clear. I can also tell that there doesn't seem to be as many clogged pores or "under the skin" bumps, giving me hope that once this all clears up it will stay that way. It just needs to get it all out now so that it can be clear and stay clear! The bad part about he beginning of this week though is my chin which is my normal p
  6. Uh oh. Here we go. Fist day of my third week and everything is coming up now: closed comedones on forehead, chin, and around mouth popping up at the same time. Not too upset though as they will be gone in less than a week because these heal very fast for me. I'm glad that I can see the effects of differin now! However dreading how long this is gonna last Flaking has subsided a lot but skin is still very sensitive and on the dryer side.
  7. Brigitte18

    Week 2

    Week two brought on the flaky, peeling, sore skin. However I was very glad to see yay my medicine was actually doing something! I saw this as improvement although it actually made my skin look worse. the worst part of my skin being more sensitive is that sometimes large areas of my face that I don't even put differin on will just peel off my face in my sleep! It leaves me with a rug burn type scan and it's very tender to the touch. Because of this I purchased satin pillowcases and so far no sca
  8. Brigitte18

    Week 1

    Week one on differin didn't do much other than dry out my skin towards the end of the week. But other than that, no physical improvement or decline. This is pretty much my starting point in my treatment. As you can see in the picture, my skin tone was very uneven and red and many of my pores were clogged. Also note the small car on my cheek from a cystic pimple about three months ago.
  9. I'm just beginning my fourth week now, but I'm going to backtrack a little so that I can share my entire journey on this cream from start to (hopefully) finish and clear skin. First of all, I'll start with the history of my face. I struggled with mild/ moderate acne since ninth grade. In tenth, I went on ortho tri-cyclin for acne and my acne got much worse for the first maybe five months. Also, it started becoming more nodular/cystic on my chin. It was completely hormonal, and after about six mo