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  1. ....not to discourage you but I forgot to mention that it hurt a lot!...I could feel my entire face turning red from the pain. But I was so glad to finally get that nasty stuff out from deep under my skin!
  2. I had two similar cysts...one had been on my face about two months...the other several weeks. The one that was on my face for two months I tried EVERYTHING, tea tree oil, proactive sulfur mask, BP and I even tried popping it but nothing was coming out. I went to the derm yesterday and she popped both of them. While she was doing it I asked her if there was pus cause she kept squeezing and squeezing and I was thinking nothing was coming out like when I tried. She told me that there was pus, t
  3. is this really healthy for your skin in the long-term?...i don't know anything about chemistry but i do know that you can kill a snail with salt. salt pulls all the moisture out of your skin, not just the pus/oil...seems to me it would be bad to use on your entire face all the time.
  4. Thank you for responding izzie and rcangel8082! I started using dan's regimen and the supplements as well. I will contact my doc to find out about possible interactions with Keppra next week. I am using the Neutrogena On the Spot BP but have ordered the acne.org BP and can't wait until I receive it! My skin has been of course getting dry and red (as you can see in the pictures I took today). I hope to have some improvement in a few months! Thank you for the encouragement!
  5. I got 3 cortisone injections on Monday for some really bad cysts...actually I think the derm did 4 without me realizing it b/c I was in a lot of pain (she also popped them). By Tuesday they were completely flat and of course I was happy but by Wednesday I noticed I had denting in 4 spots...that's why I say I think she did 4 since I NEVER get that kind of scarring from acne. Anyway, it's not too bad right now but I am very scared that it will worsen and possibly become permanent. Today I calle
  6. I am a female with severe acne. I was on Accutane at age 20 and the results only lasted about two years. When my acne came back full blown, I was able to control it with fish oil capsules but then I had a seizure about a year ago and had to go on Keppra. Keppra brought on the severe acne again! After getting used to the medicine I was able to control my breakouts...and when I say "control" I mean bring my severe acne down to moderate...not clear by any means. When hurricane Ike passed thr
  7. ...what a coincidence, you could almost have been my next door neighbor. I have one other question on fish oil. How ineffective is it to take it without a meal? I usually try to take it with a meal but I never have breakfast and I just take it with a latte (and i mention "latte" rather than "coffee" b/c at least that has milk) or something very small. OH, and i second Wang Chung's question.
  8. Nah, not a chore at all, I enjoy being of help somehow :) Oh man, Houston is going to get bad :( Humidity is such a killer, it's like constant moisturizer and wetness. What part of Houston are you from? That is a great article! Thank you for finding that and sharing. :angel: I live in Missouri City...near Sugarland. Yea, this humidity does not help my skin OR my hair! Theres alot of small bodies of water around here so theres always fog in the morning too...kinda creepy actuall
  9. I don't believe it is the supplements, because I cannot make the connection between taking omega 3, which is the equivalent of eating fatty fish, to getting a fever. By the way I'm sorry that your sick, especially this weekend :(. It actually is meant to aid in the resistance of cold's and flu's http://www.mercola.com/forms/carlsons.htm So it could be a coincidence. Have you eaten any fish before, have you had any allergies to fish? I'm trying to think, but I do not believe there is
  10. Hey guys! I began taking fish oil about 2 weeks ago. On the first week I took the recommended dosage on the bottle, 900 mg. This week I started to take double the dosage. Well yesterday I woke up feeling really tired and once I got to work I felt like utter crap! I know I had a fever but I was at work so I didnt have a thermometer at the time. Today I still feel bad (not AS bad as yesterday but still really bad) and my temperature is at 101 degrees. I read somewhere that people can get sick