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  1. Did you ever solve the ongoing problem you had with folliculitis?

  2. M, 22 Background of acne as a teenager. Went on doxycycline aged 19. Stayed on it for about 2 years, then it stopped working and my acne was getting a bit worse. Went on accutane, and the accutane was working really well. I got clear of acne by 5-6 months on it, but my derm wanted me to continue for another 2-3 to ensure reducing relapse. When I had about 2 months of accutane left, my face very suddenly erupted in awful pustules/red sores and papules. It came on very quickly (ie. my fa
  3. Hi there,

    Did you ever end up getting to the bottom of your folliculitis? I think I have a very similar problem to you...

  4. Have you been able to find a solution to this problem? I feel like I have a similar problem. Every 1-2 months I get a sudden breakout of awful folliculitis on my beard. It disappears very rapidly with co-trimoxazole, but it keeps recurring. This all started while I was on accutane for acne (which is still gone).