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  1. I should say derms give out 50mg twice aday insted of 100mg once a day because then there is a more constant amount of the drug in your body if you understand what i mean? also theres less chance of side affects as your taking a lesser amount.
  2. anti biotics cleard the acne on my bak up and it hasnt come bak that was about a year ago now they didnt however clear my t zone area but they did help. weirdly they cleard my forehead but they came back unlike the acne on my back
  3. ive just started a months course two days ago. i was on tetracyline about half a year ago and it cleared my acne up pretty well so hopefully this will as well....i have herd tht oxytetracyline is better obsorbed into the body than tetracyline so should be even more effective!
  4. I've Had Acne for about a year and a half now and its been getting worse and worse for about 3 months now ive got alot of yellow heads and quite a lot of big pustules. ive tried anti-biotics and BP with limited success and reading through some stories i would really like to give accutane ago but im not sure about askin my Dr and he may just think im being silly (that makes me sound more silly???) so i was just wondering what you guys and girls thought? help? And also how bad was your acne when y
  5. I've had Acne now for about a year and a half and it has affected my life in a very bad way i really hate my skin and i just cant stand it how it is, it really gets me down:(. So ive been on anti-biotics for the last 8 months with my acne improving from moderate to mild-monderate but ive still got quite a lot of spots and blackheads and ive been using BP for even longer than the anti-biotics. so i was just wondering do u think i could go on accutane ovbiouly a very low dose but i would really li