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  1. I have the Norleco Spectra it was a little over $100 something like $110-$120. It works great though and has settings to adjust the pressure of the where the blades are held, I leave it on sensitive, but it will take a month or so for your skin to adjust to it.
  2. blahhh so I guess its not going to work as well since it just washes off......
  3. So its used just like the Neutrogena on the spot? Same steps?
  4. Its 8.oz so it will be more cost effective then the Neutrogena .75oz tube. But will it work as well? Thanks......... http://www.weightlossandskincare.com/weigh...enperwas25.html
  5. How much is shipping on drugstore.com? I have an order of about $30 to NY.
  6. Thanks for all the help. And the ones who thought pro-activ was garbage, did you get your $$ back?
  7. Does the regimen last as long as the pro-activ?
  8. Whats the best way to get rid of black heads. I have them on my nose and some on my forehead and cheaks. I'm also thinking about getting the Pro-Active 3 step solution, worth the $$? Will it help getting rid of black heads and very light acne? Thanks.