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  1. Man we have the same story! No JOKE!! I was super clear i was going out with friends and having a good time.. then all of a sudden in Feb 2008 bam! I broke out like crazy. Sucks ASSSS!!! and just like you i changed everything as well.. My social life is suffering as well.. I hate life so much right now.
  2. cool sounds promising.. i'll do some research on it :) thanks
  3. Hey guys, i just wanted to know what you all use for cleanser? I use Cetaphil antibacterial soap. I want to start using something with SA, but i don't want it to hurt my skin and make me break out. Anything you guys can recommand? Thanks
  4. Hey instead of using 2.5% BP.. You think it would be ok to use 5%? Thanks?
  5. I'M SO PISSED OFF!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE... I diet like crazy. I take all these supplements... I try like crazy to get rid of my acne. And NOTHING!!! The only thing i get is a freaking NEW FREAKING ZIT or BUMP!! WHAT THE HELL! I'm at the point where i'm like F it!!! Nothing i do is helping. I don't cheat! I should just go back to eating like i did.. not give a rats ars! And yes i have been eating well for a year now. And nothing! why? WHAT am i doing wrong?!?! I"m at the point where i f
  6. i say don't stress about it and don't even think about it.. only worrying and stressing about it, your most likly going to break out.. so don't worry about it.. don't even think about it.. You'll be fine..
  7. i play alot of tennis, but right now, feeling like this i really don't feel like going or being around anyone. And having acne makes everything 10 times worse. Even if i do go out with friends i won't have a good time.. i'll be too worried about how my face looks, even when my friends say i look good. I need to get out of this rut, and soon. I just can't take this anymore.