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  1. I searched for BP Cancer and the results didn't answer my question I am so, so relieved - thanks so much *promptly applies BP on face* Now if they invented a cure for dramatising and overreacting....
  2. Hi, I read the little pamphlet you get in the BP box when I had nothing better to do, and got a shock when I read this: "Data from several studies employing a strain of mice highly susceptible to developing cancer suggest that BP acts as a tumour promoter. The clinical significance of these findings to humans is unknown." I don't know if this has been discussed before - did a quick search and nothing specific turned up. Sorry if it's repetitive. If not, PLEASE PLEASE someone calm me down an
  3. Hi, I'm from India (South) and I've been on the Regimen since last April - it's worked very well. Here's what I've used: Benzac AC - sometimes I don't get 2.5, so I use 5%. If not, try Pernox Gel 2.5%. It feels good and isn't white and doesn't overdry, but I thought Benzac zapped the zits faster for me. There are loads more products in India with BP - you can even get the Neutrogena On-the-spot and Oxy, which I used at first, but they overdried. Cleanser - Cetaphil cleansing lotion during dry
  4. I use kojic acid - liberal coating on the spots, and there's just two small spots on the cheek left. I've also heard that a paste of neem and lemon juice helps, but I've never been able to find the neem I also got the Fruit of the Earth aloe vera, but it must have been old or something - I couldn't stand the smell. Or is it the norm with the brand?
  5. Tazorac helped me get rid of some larger acne...didn't really work for the post-pigmentation thingy, though. For some reason, my derm instructed me to apply it for 5-10 minutes and wash it off completely!
  6. 17/Oct This small pustule burst when I wiped my chin (rather roughly, I admit) after a run...and now I'm scared it will spread. Argh! Also, some acne on neck (?????)
  7. 1st October. Ok, small zits on the forehead. Heavy flaking around mouth (I actually apply chapstick on my FACE before going out) WHAT am I doing wrong?
  8. I have Asian skin, and have the same problem. The marks used to take 3-4 months to go away but now I cover the marks (and about an inch around them) lavishly in kojic acid and they go away in about a month.
  9. Is the quarter thing because you catch it when there's not much grease yet, so you have to do it more often? (I can't use less than 3 sheets at a go, so it's hard imagining a quarter sheet.)
  10. I use it at least 20 times a day (but not 20 different sheets - I cut mine into quarters) My face is so oily you can deep-fry stuff on it. Unless I've applied 5% BP.
  11. the only prob i have now is that as i use a whole finger of BP, I've got some pigmentation and flaking on the sides of my face, like sideburns!
  12. I find that using apricot/walnut face scrub on the nose removes the gunk
  13. I cannot believe this - not ONE pimple on my whole face!!! Took me 5 months.... On the other side, my shoulders and back are still nightmarishly spotty and I've got 3-4 post-inflammation marks on my face. Also, I'm still on BP 5% and Cetaphil cleansing lotion (and cetaphil moisturising cream), and I use BP on my shoulders and back as well. Oh, and my face becomes very oily 10 minutes after I wash it dry.
  14. 21/June My shoulders look awful, there are about 20 on each shoulder. My derm has suggested that I try BP 5% for a while so I've bought Benzac AC 5% (Galderma) Fingers crossed....