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  1. I got this really uneven tan on my face and it looks REALLY bad, at first I thought it was just hyperpigmentation, but I'm pretty sure now that it's not. So is there anything in particular I can do for this? Thanks for the help. Edit Argh sorry, I thought I clicked the scar boards, can someone move this?
  2. Yeah just make sure that the stuff your using is non-comedogenic. If worst comes to worst, just grab a moisturizer with SPF in it. Eucerin's got one with SPF 30 thats non-comedogenic so you may want to give that a try.
  3. Try Clean and Clear Blackhead Removing Scrub (I think thats what it's called), many people prefer it to Neutrogena.
  4. What type of vitamin A will yeild the best results for acne? Right now I'm using vitamin A thats 50% beta-carotene, and 50% acetate. I want to find one without Beta-Carotene so what would you reccomend? Thanks alot.
  5. Hey just be happy that you found such a wealth of information this early in the ball game. I'm running on my seventh year of acne, and many people here have had it for ten or more. Don't worrry, it'll all end soon enough.
  6. Zinc... neither of them worked for me but zinc was less of a pain to use...
  7. They were pissed as hell, you should have heard the yelling going on over the phone. But outside of that, they really did nothing about it . So I took matters into my own hands and reported it to the school board, and they in turn did nothing about it. I would have taken it to court, but as a minor I don't think I can file a law suite without my parents. It's cool though, I got to wake up late everyday since I was homeschooled.
  8. I asked my mom to sue the school board, but she's to Christiany to ever do something like that . On my half though, when my acne cleared up alot, I asked my mom to let me go back to school. She asked if I wanted a transfer, but I just went to this one. First thing I did was find Mr. Sync (principles name) and flick him off. Haha, suspended my first week of school, but it was worth it.
  9. if thats the case than exercise may mildly worsen your acne, but I think the benefits far out-weigh the risks!
  10. Ohh also, Minocycline is known to cause sun sensitivity and hyperpigmentation, so be very careful about it. I have some hyperpig from using it that still hasn't gone away.
  11. Uhh beginning of freshman year, my principle called home and asked my mother to home school me because my "acne was disturbing other students learning enviroment." It wasn't really embarrassing in the sense that wow everyone pointed and laughed (only my mom and I heard it), but it just made me think that if my principle felt that way, then everyone else musta thought I looked pretty damn bad as well.
  12. Elsa body aches and pains, fatigue, etc. are very common on accutane, don't worry too much about it unless the symptoms start to become unbearable. And Chris...too much info...
  13. Hey ReD, what are you going to do when you run out of your supply?
  14. Yeah you're best bet is to go with an extremely light SA wash. I have no real reccomendations for this one so sorry I can't help.