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  1. Week 2- day 15 Just wanted to give an updated on my treatment- This is week 2 on Spironolactone 50mg once a day, Doryx 120mg once a day and Retin A Micro 0.08%. My face is still peeling around my mouth and chin area very small peeling on my cheeks- My cystic acne on my left cheek pretty much gone just red/brown in color - my old scabs come off daily but need to be very careful since last night i was already in bed with a clean face and i rubbed my face from being tired one of my scabs cam
  2. A alittle about myself- as a teenager i never broke out. It was about 4 years ago when my ex and i of 8 years broke up and when my skin went crazy he himself even said what happened to my face- so obviously the breakup is what caused my acne i was able to clear most of it over time but not like it was before but i was ok with the way my face until about 6 months ago i broke out the worst ive ever had i started taking Vitmain, zinc (which i felt made me broke out with painful acne) which i know s