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    I like to swim, rent movies & cuddle, go on road trips to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm Halloween haunt, and Magic Mountain. Plus, many more things.

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    Claim Jumper, Olive Garden, Chevy's, Spaghetti Factory, Cheesecake Factory, PF Chang's, Pei Wei, etc.
  1. Zileuton is ZYFLO CR. Most insurance don't cover ZYFLO CR since it is very expensive. But, if your "household" income is lower than certain amounts: 1 person - $46,680 2 people - $62,920 3 people - $79,160 4 people - $94,400 5 people - $111,640 6 people - $127,880 7 people - $144,120 The ZYFLO CR which is about $80 daily normally but this is free. You fill out the top of the form and your doctor fills out the bottom half and then you fax the paper.
  2. Chlorella is the safer of the two. Best to get the NOW Foods brand Organic Chlorella 500mg tablets. Although, Dr. Andrew Weil isn't a fan of either. He has mentioned that Spirulina is more likely to be contaminated.
  3. I'm going to Sensational Skin (sensationalskin.com) in Scottsdale, AZ soon. I know Dr. Kent Brown MD can do a better job because he's also an actual anesthesiologist. So, he does IV sedation so you feel nothing. I know he only charges $1,000 for full face ActiveFX. But, I'm going to call to find out about DeepFX or the best being TotalFX. His office is just like one block North of the NE corner of Scottsdale Rd & Shea.
  4. Aside from some very extreme diet. Diet plays absolutely no role in acne. Only 3 things are proven iodine, bromine (often in flour or bread), or non-fat/skim/fat-free milk. For example, if one brand of pizza breaks you out. They probably have bromine in their crust.
  5. I buy the large Curel Frangance-free lotion at Walmart for like $9. I make sure to shave with my Nerelco beofre my shower. Since, the best time they say to lock in moisture with a lotion is right after the shower. I only put lotion on the spots of my face that get dry not all over my face. I put Curel Fragrance-free right after the shower all over my arms and legs. Plus, any place that gets dry like underneath my eyes, and the bridge and tip of my nose. Also, I even put lotion on my ears si
  6. Enjoy while it lasts. Yaz & Yasmin will eventually be pulled from the market. Plus, Ortho Tri cyclen Lo is too low dose to work effectively. Plus, slightly increases the rate of pregnancy due to this. Tri Sprintec is a generic of Ortho Tri Cyclen not Ortho TriCyclen Lo. Women on Lo often get lot of breakthrough bleeding because it's simply too low of a dose for anything effectively including acne.
  7. There's a study showing 600mg (300mg twice per day) of Magnesium Glycinate drops or eliminates migraines. Since, 70% of the population is magnesium deficient it's the better route to go. Yaz & Yasmin are garbage. Just buy the tried and true "Tri Sprintec" its at WalMart for just $9 a month even without insurance and stopping throwing your money down the toilet and giving yourself more serious side effects like abnormally high potassium levels. Tri Sprintec doesn't have this side effec
  8. Yes, you will most likely get the inital breakout. Generally, the only people that don't get any inital breakout are the people that get acne but with dry skin already. The accutane still benefits them because accutane is like taking: oral antibiotics, retin-a, topical antibiotics all in one. Like topical and oral antiobiotics because the accutane shrinks the oil glands to where the P.acnes bacteria count drops since their necessary nutrient being sebum is cut. Like topical retin-a sinc
  9. Up to the first 8 weeks of isotretinoin can be worse. But, it's always better than before starting after 8 weeks. If it isn't better then your dosage is too low. So, you'll know more after 8 weeks.
  10. Sigh, yes all of those will really help or have helped my chronic condition.......not.
  11. See it all depends on how bad your acne is now. But, initial breakout should be over at 2 months. Problem is your skin in general heals slower while on Accutane. That is the major catch to the low dose regimen. Since, your skin heals slower on Accutane that occasional pimple may take 2 to 8 weeks to heal vs just one to 4 weeks off of Accutane. You'll probably still will get that occasional pimple on the low dose regimen. That's until you're on a dose that shrinks your oil glands enough. For m
  12. Again, you all should be taking the following things even healthy not on Accutane like: 1. Vitamin D3 to raise Vitamin D levels lowered by Accutane causing depression. Plus, Source Naturals Magnesium Malate tablets. (Get Bio-Tech "D3-5" at lifespannutrition.com use coupoin code 2bucksoff at checkout) (Magnesium Malate Tablets at iherb.com use referral code only on first order on shopping cart page: DUJ828) 2. To help fight dry skin: Swanson's Flaxseed oil softgels with Lignans & NOW Blac
  13. Most people taking Accutane don't know that very simple things like lip balm (buy SPF 15 Lip Balm at Trader Joe's for $3 for a 3-pack) 24/7 including before bed & upon waking. Plus, simply putting "Fragrance-Free" Curel with Time Release (buy at Wal-Mart for $6 for 20oz.) on arms and hands after the shower. Avoids the rashes! This Curel can even be used on the face. If you have scalp issues use: Head and Shoulder "Intensive" shampoo with selenium for five minutes a night. Plus, Pantene "Ic
  14. Also, seems to me that since it's a fact that Accutane lowers Vitamin D. Which was obvious to begin with since Accutane is basically vitamin A. Vitamins A & D compete with one another. Hence, why Accutane is linked to depression because it simply lowers vitamin D. Low vitamin D along with low vitamin K2, silicon, boron, magnesium malate, will cause the calcium to deposit elsewhere. Not just in odd parts of the bone but in your blood vessels increasing your risk of heart disease. So, that