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  1. Ok thanks I just checked my local pharmacy they have dermatrix silicone gel rather than patches is this suitable?
  2. Ok I understand that but what I’m saying is the scar looked vastly improved in the second image after eating more vitamin c products and collagen supplements but after a week of applying BP it looks worse again. And regarding PIE/ healing wounds are they not permanent scars does it improve with time? My doc gave me differin which I’ve been applying for 2 days now so hopefully that’ll improve it
  3. a month ago I got a cystic pimple, after it healed it hadn’t changed appearance whatsoever it looked deep af, my acne was caused by a very bad diet and during this period I wasn’t eating properly constantly eating sugar so I decided to start eating more nutrient foods with more protein and especially vitamin c as it boosts collagen production. Within a few days I noticed my scar had improved so much. However a week ago I felt a new pimple forming near the same area as the previous scar so
  4. Ok thanks my GP gave me a cream called differin is this affective for cystic acne or skin turnover? I’ve read about tretinorin but I don’t think GPS in uk prescribe them unless it’s from private derm. could I use the retinoid by a brand called the ordinary? it’s available online the reviews are good but I won’t buy it unless you give me your opinion lol thanks
  5. ive had a clear face for 10 months just with an occasional spot or zit. I started dealing with acne for the first time in 2017 and it was mostly pustules nothing too serious. In November 2018 I started getting combination of blind pimples cystic/nodular pimples I’ve had 7 in total since then. From November to literally last week I was hardly eating and when I did my diet consisted of mostly sugar,caffeine,dairy and processed carbs I wasnt consuming veg or nutritious food.I was in a v
  6. Ok thanks, with the second photo I can see few holes in the middle however what about the surrounding red skin will this also be part of a deep scar or is it just pigmentation? I don’t know anything about acne scarring I was planning on going to my GP for medication but with me fighting Candida taking antibiotics isn’t recommended for the gut. I do plan to see a dermatologist however I need my GP to refer me (I am from UK) and this process can take up to several months, I can afford
  7. Hi I’ve been clear of acne for the last 9/10 months diet and I think it was due to exposure to the sun, I also was eating better and working out regularly. I first started dealing with acne back in 2017 during winter at the time I was shocked as I never had it but until recently I’ve realised why. During my acne breakout I also have a flare up of seb derm around my nose. Ive started dealing with the same problems again, when i broke out Initually thought I should moisturize more which back
  8. I need advice regarding my scarring it’s really affecting me mentally I’ve dealt with cystic acne in the past with no significant scarring. I’ve been clear last 10 months until a month ago after really bad sleeping pattern stress and diet, which I’m currently trying to improve. Im also worried about active pimples that may lead to scarring as well I’ve attached both photos one of the scar and the other is pimples I have currently dealing with. Ive been super depressed about the scar