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  1. Hey I've been reading about your posts on visualization, I'm going to give it a go but do you think you could just give me a summary of the most important things to do/not to do, thanks :)

  2. Interesting comment... I agree that positive thinking and relieving stress are both important for not only ridding acne, but good for your health in general. Now what you've written here seems like nothing more than meditation. Which again is fine however I think it comes across as "think about acne going away and it will go away". I think everyone here knows it's not that simple. You even say yourself that other factors impair improvement. So let's not kid ourselves OK. Meditation
  3. I think so. The ejaculation is the most responsible for DHT raising. Also in taoism they say it´s good, and gives you a lot of energy to have sex without ejaculating. But eventually one thing will lead to another. People really forget that semen cointains a lot of proteins and other important stuff that are being stoled from your body. If you abstain semen will be go back to the blood... Taoists also believed that much ejaculation would cause premature aging in men. For me it makes perfect
  4. Of course that it´s not even a question to be abstinent for the rest of your life. Read what I said previously. It´s pretty obvious to me that people prefer to have acne, and scars for the rest of your life instead of reducing/abstaining from sex in a 2-3 months period. But hey that´s the human stupidity. I made the final call, now it´s up to you. If you keep doing what you are doing now, those who are make billions because of your acne say thank you!
  5. That´s the problem of not reading the all topic...i posted already a hundred times a study that shows masturbation to increase very much your DHT levels... what a moron buttfuckingstupid. Sex really makes people super stupid. GOOGLE ENDOCRINE RESPONSE MASTURBATION
  6. LoL at you.... who said this was an imitation of the accutane? I said you stop over producing oil in a similar way to accutane. Of course accutane is more powerful... duh (an dangerous too)
  7. hey man, dont take ur acne out on me. I already got enuff "fuck that dude" "my mother told me masturbation caused acne?" LOL You are an idiot. Masturbation causes acne, from experience... Fuck your acne. I´m clear... By the way the myth has not been busted. It´s ridiculous to think that high levels of DHT cause you to masturbate, that study really shows the other way around. I´m tired of you stupid people. Want to have acne? Scars for life? And be buttfuckingugly!!? Masturbate or
  8. Give up uncle buck.... BTW you should see my skin lol... it looks sooooo good. It will probably take a thousand years for people start believing this "myth".. I don´t care, these guys obviously prefer going on accutane this was my last post on acneidiots.org . Keep that mentality NOTHING WORKS FOR ACNE, diet and sex don´t affect acne, the only way to cure it is using very expensive medicine...lol very sad. For the brave: One notices some improvement in the first week of abstinence, then from
  9. Masturbation causes blindness, because you really CAN`T SEE that masturbating aggravates your acne so much.... Masturbation only makes your body full of dihydrotestosterone, wich is 3 times more potent than testosterone DHT is produced by males in vivo and is responsible for the formation of male sex-specific characteristics. DHT is 3 times more potent than testosterone wiki Keep masturbating like animals lol.... and buy a bed in your house for acne, cause it will be your roomate for a long tim
  10. Well for my research, and for my personal experience with friends. Yes, it can make your acne much worse....it can also accelerate hairloss if you don´t have the best genetics. Although marijuana is highly popularized these days, be careful...
  11. You can't just claim to have found studies then not actually show where you found it. I might as well say that I found a study that 100% refutes the claim that ejaculation is linked to acne; but without providing the source, it is deceptive and dishonest. Thank you for being helpful on a forum designed to help people. *moderator edit* Yes, here the *moderator edit*, has a skin better than rihanna on photoshop, after following this regimen for 8 weeks.... I´m here to help, you are here
  12. could you share a link to this 'study' that you found on google? No.... I didn´t like your ´study´....
  13. When I was told, that masturbation/sex caused acne. The first thing that came into my mind was sweat. But after some experiments, with sports, or even interrupting sexual activity before ejaculation. It become very clear to me that it´s ejaculation. The study that is on google about the male response to sex, makes this clear too. It´s ejaculation that makes steroid levels go higher. Now I can tell you that I told a friend I haven´t see for a while about this. He is on day 11 of sexual absti
  14. The goal here is not to stop having sex forever ... at least I don´t intend to. I think the issue is your body balance, any type of sexual activity is very exhausting to your body. Some people having been "over" masturbating for years.... years and years without letting their bodies recover. One should try 2 months without masturbating, if you are not clear by then masturbate 1 time a week with 5 days of rest between.
  15. Now if you gonna use it, stick to my instructions. This works but requires a little of skill. You have to visualize the healing as clearly as you can, and you have to be focus... If you think of other stuff too much it won´t work. Of course in 15 minutes many things will cross your mind... but do your best to not get distracted.