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    Friends, fun, sports, school (studying at Utrecht University), movies, music, meeting new people, how to live a healthy life and have a clear skin.
  1. Hey. Well if you use the same fish oil that Romeo suggests using then it says directly on the bottle to keep it in the frig after opening. I would do this to prevent it from going bad. The cod liver oil doesn't state on the bottle to put it in the frig but I keep mine in the frig because if you look at the first post on this thread, Romeo says to keep both in the frig. I would suggest putting them in the frig ASAP if you just opened them or if they have been open they may have gone bad. Aga
  2. Hello, great topic! Question: how important is it to keep the cod liver oil and liquid fish oil in the fridge? I've always kept them on my room, where temperatures can rise up to 30 degrees in summers...might this effect the benefits of the oils??? Thanks
  3. Hey NdNRomeo, great for sharing this with all of us! I already had all of the vitamins, but in different amounts...: -C 1000 mg instead of 500 mg -Zinc 60 mg instead of 50 mg -B-complex: double amounts of ingredients (Hi-B-100 B-complex) -E 400 IU instead of 200 IU My Chromium is 200 mcg, like you adviced. I also take one serving of Twin Labs cod liver oil and one serving of carlons fish oil a day. I take the vitamins with 2 servings of EVOO, mixed with water. I'm gonna start taking B-complex
  4. We definetely need a dermatitis sub category! I'm a Seborrheic Dermatitis sufferer myself, and agree with WantToBeFree. Great initiative!
  5. In step 3 of the OCM, after the first steaming session, I should "gently massage the oil on your face again". Do I have to use new oil for this, or should I massage the oil that's left on my face after steaming? Thanks
  6. What do you guys think about lots of sunlight or artificial UV? Is it bad for SD, very bad, or maybe good (because flakes might get less)?
  7. I really don't know anymore what kind of horrible lotions and creams I've been using. They were all acne creams indeed. I was getting a new prescription every month, and I threw away all the bottles that didn't work. I should have stopped when I saw my skin was getting really irritated, red and flaky from what I was using, but then I thought it were just side effects and my acne was still my number 1 problem.. I'm afraid that, when I go to a derm, he'll say: you think you have WHAT? And then:
  8. Hello, I've just discovered I've been dealing with SD for more than 3 years now, but didn't know what it was..also because I focussed on controlling my heavy acne first. Now my acne is pretty much under control, I'm gonna try and do something about this SD, cause it's pretty much ruining my life. Ihsahn, all these drugs you talk about, do you have them on prescription, I presume? I think I'll have to go to a derm again then...didn't have a good experience with my last one, which I trusted bl
  9. Allright, good for you! Thanks for sharing your knowledge now you're clear, it would be tempting to say goodbye to this place, but you're not that kind of guy. Do appreciate!
  10. Hey guys, just wanna check if I've got the full package now: cod liver oil, zinc, vitamins b,c,e, calcium/magnesium, chromium. Plus I've started eating peanuts and I'm taking 3 servings of EVOO daily. Took me some time to get all the stuff (here in Holland all the good brands are unavaiable) but I guess I've got it all now. Oh yes, I'm eating pretty healthy for a while now (lots of fruits, vegetables, but still lots of potatoes..which is typical dutch..) and I'm working out 4 times a week. Re
  11. Thanks, I've registered at nutritiondata.com. It seems quite hard to find all the foods I eat on a day. But I've used the daily needs calculator and I think I don't get enough vitamines A and D (I eat vegetables 6 days a week, but rarely broccoly or spinach ..). Should I start taking cod liver oil to compensate? Any suggestions on descent brands, Carlson? I'd rather not get the liquid oil..caps are just as good, right? I also get too little calcium (avoiding dairy), so I'll get some calcium