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  1. Callum - it can't be so bad. Do you have some pics that you can share?
  2. I have scarring on my temples and forehead. Has it affected my confidence ? Yes, would be lying if I said otherwise However women are interested in more than just looks. They want a man. They want a leader and someone who will protect them. They want someone that is fun and will keep them interested. They want a man of value and this is far than more just looks. I recommend you read the Game by Neil Strauss. You will understand what makes women tick. Eventhough I have flawed skin, women sti
  3. I read your post and I am annoyed that Dr Khan did not give you a full refund. Thats pure bull shit my friend. You paid for a treatment that he promised would give you 80% in results and it doesn’t matter what his costs are. He promised 80% and you did not get It. He needs to issue you with a full refund. He should have told you a decision on the spot then and there. He does not need to think about anything. He just needs to give you a full refund. If he fails to do this below are some of the
  4. Hi Faizal I got my money back after an unsuccessful and mis sold Fraxel Repair treatment. Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act is a great advantage. Use it as a last resort. First have a chat with Dr Khan and if he refuses to give you a refund write to your credit card issuer. Let me know if you need anymore help and don't 4get to PM me your email address again.
  5. Help Wanted I had Fraxel Repair done almost 2 years ago. It doesn't do anything for your scars. I don't mean this in a gay way - but you are a good looking guy. You are sure to get loads of female attention with or without scars. However we are our own worst critics so I can understand why you have taken this decision. PS. Avoid the sun !!! I'm also of latin origin aswell and luckily all the hyper pigmentation issues were resolved within 2 months. Keep Hydroquin cream on standby and moni
  6. Amigo, from personal experience most of the swelling that hides the scars subsides after the 1st 10 days. i think your results are there for the long run. thank you for sharing your story. you have given us faith stay blessed !
  7. i had fraxel repair done and it didn't help - its a waste of £££.
  8. i removed this post due to the negativity of the follow up posts. people have immediatley jumped to negative conclusions about my integrity so its best to delete it. if you pay for results and you don't get what you paid for it is your right to be fully refunded. that is my outlook and i was only trying to safe guard the rest of the community against doctors who flog "miracle" cures to acne scarring.
  9. my dear what happened ? why are you getting all these scars ? x
  10. is it possible that the fraxel laser caused the Vitiligo ?