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    zero + zero Like the first poster, It took 2 weeks, then my face broke out like it never did before... I had say 2 pimples per day before, after 2 weeks on Murad I had like 20 big hurting pimples ... I barely could talk, eat and laughing wasnt an option... and that lasted a good 2 weeks.. This thing is not for everyone and frankly, it is so risky that I wouldnt recommend anyone to try it... I guess buy salycic acid at the store and do some tests at home before even considering that product.. I g
  2. mmh I dont know but if I put some Crisco on my face, I'm sure I wont have to wait a full month for the pimples to apear... more like the next day hehe
  3. I'm no expert but if the olive oil was going to clog your pores, one would think that it wouldn't take a whole month for the pimples to show up... Also, it's not clogging your pores now if you don't use it anymore...
  4. Any exists? I read about many natural remedies for scalp acne such as tea tree oil, oil of oregano, aloe, eucalyptus oil, lemon, etc... Any Organic Shampoo formulated for scalp acne and oily scalp without moisturizing oils, fragrance or anything else that might not help the situation?
  5. I wonder if it works too... Their website seems amateurish and they seem pretty spammy... All the links I have found on google have fake generic reviews on them... That makes me suspicious...
  6. Use Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar when doing the CSR... It will really help....
  7. Hey, Proactiv used to worked for me but after couple of years, I wasn't as effective as it was... I later tried the CSR using Neutrogena BP... and it didn't really have the effect desired... I recently tried something a bit different.. Morning: -Wash Face with Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar .. Pat dry.. Wait 5-10 min until your face is dry -Apply ClearSkinRegimen BP ... Just what is needed, no need to put too much Wait about 15 min until your face is dry -Apply Neutrogena Mo
  8. I wouldnt touch Murad with a ten foot pole... I unfortunately did and broke out like a mofo... Made it 20x worst..
  9. dude .. I have scalp acne and I wouldnt even dream of pulling hairs on pimples... Must hurt like a mofo... Btw.. saying "I pull hairs out of the pimples because it has a clearish-gel-like root tip." is hardly a convincing argument lol ... To say it feels good maybe.. but not that one haha Try shampoo with Tea tree oil maybe...
  10. Scalp/back of the head acne... anyone got that..? I don't have a pimple in my face now but got like 15/20 at the back of my head... under my hair and it sometimes hurts like a mofo... I use a shamppo with Jojoba oil and tea tree oil but it doesnt seem to be working well anymore... If you have the same condition... what shampoo helps you or what type of treatment did you get?
  11. Also, what about hair dryer? Semi-dry or dry completely?
  12. Hey.. I think i have something similar to that... how do you not let your zits stay irritated? I personally use Tea tree oil shampoo with jojoba oil... I have a feeling that jojoba oil isnt the greatest for my condition, might leave my scalp oily, so I ordered a tea tree oil shampoo without it... Any shampoo you would recommend? How about something natural like that http://www.mypure.co.uk/product.php?product=3&backtosub=20# which I could then add some tea tree oil into it... Ho
  13. I tried Jojoba oil on my face and it left it oily... thought it might also have been responsible for one or 2 breakouts .... Anyone had similar experience?
  14. I personally was using proactiv products years ago.. it worked well for a while and then it stopped working.. Maybe the severity or the type of acne change a bit with time and those products become less effective...