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  1. accutane seriously my ankles hurt a lot. I want to say it was all the running but pretty sure its the drug making it 10 times worse. Such an annoyance Day 20 - 21/04/2017 Everything is so so dry My nose is really dry My face is pretty dry which i only realised after putting on makeup I have felt that my legs feel a lot better My lips are not too bad my breakouts are getting a whole lot worse though to be fair My cheeks are qu
  2. Beginning - excessivly oily omg No other side effects but everything is disgustingly oily My face is completely broken out but because i am tanned it is easier to handle Left cheek - 16 active spots approx chin- 10 spots approx forehead - 15 spots approx left cheek - under the skin ones 9th april - day 8 - dry hands and general skin skin breaking out lips kinda dry had a bit of an unexplained anxiety thing when kita mention
  3. GGPiexx

    Week 1 Day 5

    Super super super oily skin and hair but apart from that absolutely no side effects.
  4. GGPiexx

    Week 1 day 3

    No side effects yet. I do feel my cheeks breaking out though with big cystic under the skin bumps My forehead is also breaking out quite a bit My skin isn't unbelievably oily Tiny bumps everywhere on my chin Feeling super tired I want to see whether if i ignore that I am taking this drug, it may just be easier to take. So i am going to begin to update every few days, not daily but documenting anything important :)
  5. HALLOOOOOO, For starters my skin isnt looking terrible right now to be fair but before it did and I am now beginning my course of Accutane 30 mg for the first month and then going up to 60mg a day for the rest of the 4 month period woohoo. I am super super nervous might I add. I dont know what side effects will come with the drug. Who cares though right? Anywayyyyyy I have taken my first pill (well pills because it is a 10mg and a 20mg) and have woken up with no side effects at all. The
  6. @eclarue Hey how is it going for you? Im quite nervous but feeling okay. Im anticipating the initial breakout too!!
  7. It is nearly the end of the week. In about 2 weeks time I will be beginning Isotretenoin, otherwise known as Accutane. I feel like acne has changed me for better and worse. I mean, i have almost come to accept acne which is really strange but good at the same time. When I look in the mirror though, I don't recognise myself. I look tired and sad and spotty. It makes me upset to think that a skin condition has made me feel so down about myself. But I am trying to power on the best way I can at
  8. Went back to the dermatologist today. I was getting super frustrated and sick of not seeing any bloody results. He told me the lymecycline has stopped working and I was right to come back. He skipped all the bullshit and I have been prescribed accutane 30mg a day. I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY OH MY GODDDDDD. I have been waiting for some change/ result for such a long time and was done waiting. I am going away for a week next week and so the sun should help my skin fingers crossed and then i will start
  9. Okay, so this blog is about what I use on a daily basis on my skin and about how I deal with having spots on a daily basis. I have been having a rough time coming to accept that my skin just fluctuates constantly. I have tried to build a correlation between diet, touching my face, using makeup, stress etc but i think overall its a combination between absolutely everything and i need to stop driving myself crazy. I use dermol cream to wash and moisturise my face//differin cream every night// l
  10. Yo, Had another breakout so going back to the dermatologist to be prescribed Accutane hopefully. Im bored of there being no change. Lymecycline is clearly not working and the scarring is just getting worse. So hopefully my derm will be cooperative and just give it to me. Fingers crossed. Update on skin 1. Huge breakout on left cheek 2. My forehead looks pretty bad 3. My chin is completely covered 4. My skin looks unhealthy and tired 5. my lips are so dry Will update after my de
  11. My skin has broken out badly. Really badly. My forehead, cheeks, chin (especially) is bad. SO its my bday tomorrow and I have to deal with feeling crappy. Just gunna be one of those things eh? Feeling down in the dumps :(
  12. @Thetwald Totally agree. I know that my skin will heal and it will be gone soon enough. I think its the holding onto something which can be crippling. The need for immediate results. I really dont want it to get to a point though that I have to go on Accutane. The thought of it really scares me. What were your side affects?
  13. @ThetwaldThat must be really frustrating for you! Would you take a higher course if you could? I think I will at some point. Its horrible having acne but its a harsh drug so have to take precautions i guess. Im just like a sitting duck waiting for some bloody results but because antibiotics barely work, i am so cynical about the process and it is making me more negative. I think at some point Im going to have to let go and accept that I will have shit skin for a long time instead of getting upse
  14. @Thetwald Why did you stop Roaccutane? Because Im considering it after I have exhausted all of the antibiotics. What do you think?
  15. @Thetwald Hey, have you tried Accutane yet and is lymecycline something you trust or is it an antibiotic that you think is a waste of time because It is really difficult having absolutely no results. Except from Differin seems to be stronger than Epiduo which is good. My forehead is less inflamed. I just feel like its really hard to explain to people why you have suddenly become an introvert when you used to loveeee socialising. Noone seems to really understand because to someone who doesnt have