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  1. Thanks for the info. Is the fact that I'm still purging after 8 weeks normal? It's hard not to feel like the GC is causing breakouts instead of preventing them. Should I keep applying it during these purging episodes? Is the general blotchiness and exaggerated wrinkles a normal step in the process? I can see why people often give up on this product, because it really does get a lot worse before getting better. I did read your pinned post and got a lot of good info, but I just wanted to mak
  2. This might get a little long and winded but I need some advice .... So, I've been using Green Cream Level 6 for about 8 weeks. I also have Rx Evoclin foam and Ziana gel, but I switched from the Ziana to the Green Cream because I was gettting major flaking and dry skin. Basically my regimen is I wash with Eucerin in the AM, apply Evoclin foam, moisturize, maybe some vitamin E on red spots, then Everyday Minerals for makeup. In the PM I wash with Eucerin, apply Green Cream Level 6 then wait abo
  3. Anyone use these products? I looked at the reviews page but didn't see anything specific for these products. Seems like a pretty good ingredient list. I'm looking for something to use as a spot treatment. Currently I use tea tree oil but it's not working as well as it used to and smells so bad it gives me headaches. I can't use anything with BP. I like how the spot treatment acts as a concealer, b/c I feel terrible putting conventional concealer on blemishes (seems to defeat the purpose of
  4. I have thick, wavy hair that is VERY prone to frizzing, but can look nice and curly when it's done right. I usually wash / condition it with high end products, towel dry, add a cream "frizz free" product and then a spray gel (like the Aussie one). Then I have to let it dry naturally. Any time I have tried to use a blow dryer it just frizzes up, even with the products in it. Back in the day I used to use a diffuser but that took forever (and didn't work that well, anyway). I've been reading
  5. First question - There is no such thing as a miracle cure, but B5 overdosing has cleared acne in a lot of people. Second question - No, it is NOT tested, NOT proven, and IMHO it is NOT safe. Megadosing on ANY vitamin or nutrient is taxing on your liver and kidneys, which are forced to filter the excess amounts in your blood stream. You do not simply "pee it out" as some might have you believe. If you look in this forum alone or do a google search you will find other people who have had a v
  6. I use Eucerin Sensitive Skin Redness Relief Cleanser. Good stuff, can get it in any drug store or supermarket. The plain Eucerin Sensitive Skin Cleanser is pretty good also. I like the redness control because I feel it fades out my red spots / scars. About once or twice a week I sprinkle a little baking soda into the cleanser and wash with the mixture. This really exfoliates well but can be drying so I only use sparingly. As for moisturizer, I have a few that I rotate through, but the one
  7. OK I must be an idiot, b/c I tried the techniques listed here for mixing the concealer w/ moisturizer or water to get better coverage and it just looked like smeared paint on my face! What am I doing wrong? FYI - I am makeup "challenged" so please bear w/ me.
  8. Aveeno makes the Positively Radiant moisturizer w/ spf 30 now ... I've been using the spf 15 since one bottle lasts forever! It is a really good moisturizer that helps flaky skin. Good luck.
  9. Haha, I am a veterinary student and I walk around the hospital wondering what products would work on my skin. Dogs usually get yeast infections in their ears (the medications have topical antibiotics in them also due to secondary infections) so they have anti fungal and antibacterial properties. Just not sure about the absorbtion rates on human skin, or the level of sensitivity.
  10. Hi, I just started using the PCA clear moisturizer. So far no issues, but it's only been a week. Seems to do what it's supposed to do, but not sure I'd repurchase at this price ($28). I just got it b/c I was ordering the green cream and I needed to get something else to qualify for free shipping.
  11. Hi, I was also using the Ziana gel (for about a month also), but since my skin got SOOO flaky and dry on it I decided to use the green cream level 6 for a while first and then ramp up to the Ziana gel (since it seems to be pretty potent). I've been using the green cream for just 2 days and I already feel like my skin is reacting better to it then the Ziana. I feel like my skin is a bit brighter and smoother. I also use a foam clindamycin (Evoclin) in the AM, and spot treat with tea tree oil.
  12. ANY vitamin, mineral or nutrient taken in excessive doses can be toxic. If you really did google this topic you will see that many people are reporting major side effects from B5 overdose, including kidney and heart problems. So beware. I have seen some articles with promising info about starting at a higher dose (10g) for 2 months then decreasing to a maintenance dose of 1g to 3g / day; but nothing scientifically proven or approved by a doctor. If you stay at the 10g indefinitely you are se
  13. Wow, thanks for taking the time to post that very thorough history. I know it's been 2 days since you posted, and I think you're not getting many responses because people are not very familiar with this condition. However be patient, more people will come!! I am also not very familiar, but I was just wondering if you tried vitamin E oil from the capsules topically. It's simple but effective. Not a cure-all but might tone down the redness a bit. As for your Head and Shoulders mixture, I t
  14. I know I have the same problem. They look like these round red marks. I am trying vitamin E right now (break open the capsule and rub on generously once a day). I just started 4 days ago; I'll let you know if I see any results.
  15. I forgot to mention that ice and advil are a must for the pain. Good luck!