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  1. Help! My doctor finally checked my testosterone levels and found them elevated. I started taking 50mg/day of Spiro and now take 100 mg/day. It has really helped eliminate my cystic type acne that I've had since age 18, am 36 now. When I was pregnant at 34 yrs old, my acne COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED UNTIL THE END OF BREASTFEEDING!! So I knew that the acne had to be hormone related, more than just taking BCP. I've tried everything except Accutane. My problem now: several months ago, I started getti
  2. I kinda feel like a science project.... I have been on Mononessa-28 (Ortho-Tri) for 6 months now...and for the past 4 weeks I have had a period. I am so run down, it's crazy. I do go to the doctor in a couple of days...but I'm severely unsatisfied with the BCP. I have had hormonal acne since age 18, am now 35. The ONLY time it completely disappeared was when I was pregnant and about 9 months while breast feeding, then it returned, as did my period. I have tried it all, except accutane, knowi
  3. I have had bad acne since 18 yrs old, am now 34 yrs old. During pregnancy, my acne COMPLETELY disappeared. I'm still nursing my baby and want to continue that so my questions are... 1. what hormonal thing happened during pregnancy (i had a boy)? 2. is there any hormonal stuff i can take to even out while breastfeeding? thanks so much!!