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  1. Rash is still there...yuck. At least it's not too bad. Hopefully it will be gone soon, as I am starting a new job in a couple days and I want to look my best.
  2. Yikes...broke out in mild hives. Not surprising, since I have sensitive skin and I went overboard and tried some stuff I shouldn't have, namely witch hazel toner which I think I have a major sensitivity to for some reason. Also the castile soap is too drying, and I think I've been using too much tea tree oil. I tried the witch hazel toner in lieu of soap when I realized the soap was drying my face out too much, and my face got rashy the very next day...So I'm gonna try this minus the soap, mi
  3. New modified regimen: morning: 15 min. coconut oil hop in shower and wash face w/ lavender castile soap mineral makeup night: 15 min. coconut oil wash w/ lavender castile soap Add 2 drops each lavender and rosewood oil to concoction I made from aloe gel (the natural edible kind), jojoba oil, lecithin and tea tree oil. Slather on face and leave on all night. So far so good.
  4. So last night I drank too much beer at a birthday party, slept over at the boyfriend's house and went off the new regimen. Instead I just washed my face with his neutrogena deep clean skin cream stuff. Oh well. This morning I did the coconut oil, washed with the castile soap, and that's it. My skin looks great. And feels great. And the whitehead dissappeared yesterday. And no new zits. I'm gonna do the whole routine tonight again. Oh and I'm switching to mineral makeup.
  5. I never tried the washing with aloe gel thing...Instead I remembered something that worked well for me for a while, which is slathering my face with organic virgin coconut oil, leaving it on for 15 min, then washing it off. Oh and I bought some rosewood oil which is supposed to reduce sebum production, some more jojoba oil and some natural aloe gel from the vitamin store with no extra crap in it. So here's what I'm doing now: Morning: Slather face w/ coconut oil, leave on 15 min. Wash off
  6. Hi. This is my log. So I'm 25 and have been struggling with acne for let's see...since I was 11, that's 14 freaking years. I am not going to list all the treatments I have tried cuz there are just too many. It was mild to moderate til I reached about 17, then I started developing moderate cystic acne...And the only thing that would really get rid of that for the next, oh, 6 years or so was antibiotics, although I tried all kinds of topical stuff. Fortunately the cystic acne started clearing
  7. Sweet...I got my minerals and mixed them up last night. I made foundation. This stuff is great. It actually turned out way better than I had anticipated, and I got it to match my skin perfectly. It's weightless, and skin almost looks airbrushed. (or as close as my skin comes to that with all my red marks.) I'm having fun experimenting with all the separate ingredients. lol I've got a little makeup lab going. Discovered you can make a really excellent lip stain with just red iron oxide and o
  8. So...Yesterday I purchased some mineral powders, kaolin clay, rice powder, and a brush and sifter set online so I can make my own SPF mineral makeup. Should be fun. All the individual ingredients were very inexpensive and came in bulk sizes, so I got enough to last me for probably about 2 years. I won't touch commercial mineral makeup cuz I feel it's way overpriced and not as pure as they make it out to be, and a lot of it contains mica, which I know for sure bugs my skin. Until my stuff arr
  9. Have decided to put this regimen on hold for a little while because it's really bothering me not being able to wear makeup at work- my female boss is catty and is trying to undermine me and make me feel like a lowly underling, lol, I need that little extra boost of confidence that comes from having my face done up. I will resume shortly after I have managed to purchase some high quality powder mineral makeup (or the ingredients to make my own) which can be easily removed using milk. Til then..
  10. So...Skin is looking better every day and even red marks seem to be fading quite a bit...Face is healing up from the last breakout very quickly and also texture is becoming very smooth and soft. Lovely. No over-dryness or flakiness so far. My boyfriend commented on how soft my cheek was today. I also notice my face is much less oily than usual when I wake up in the morning...Actually all throughout the day. And when it does actually get oily, the oil is mostly only on my nose and a just a
  11. Hmm...tried to post this morning but it didn't post. Anyway I woke up with very little oil on skin, no new pimples. The ones I had had previously were all dried up and nearly disappeared except for one tiny whitehead between the eyebrows which is rapidly diminishing. Just tonight I caved and drank some beer and liquor and smoked a few cigarettes, which usually causes breakouts...So we'l

  12. lol I just started a new regimen with salt water that is working wonders too, just posted it, before I realized there was anyone else using salt water...I use milk too. I am loving it so far. Good luck!
  13. Found a simple, inexpensive, natural treatment that seems to be crazy effective and does an excellent job cleansing, exfoliating, and disinfecting my oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin...just milk and saltwater!!! Not only do these two things do all that, but they also totally diminish the oil problem so that it's not bothersome anymore. Oh...and no cover-up makeup (by this I mean no foundation/concealer/powder/etc. Eye and lip makeup is okay.) Although I have found that milk does actually