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  1. Hi! I am about to leave for Ghana for the fall semester (September-December). Last time I was in Africa (Uganda), I developed the worst acne of my life, I'm assuming from the extreme head and EXTREME dust that covered me every day. I know that Ghana is just as dusty. When I got home from Uganda, I went on Accutane, which essentially cleared me up. I live in New Orleans now, and I have begun to get acne almost comparable to my pre-Accutane days, again, I am assuming because of the humidity and
  2. Hello! I I have had bad cystic acne or a while now. Two years ago I finished accutane and my skin was as good as it ever has been. Fast forward to me moving to New Orleans and I don't know if it's the humidity or what (a 3 months stay in Uganda is what really triggered my last flare up) but my cystic acne is back as bad as it was before and self esteem as a 25 year old woman is as low as its been. I work as a social worker in a hospital, and recently multiple coworkers have pointed out my bre
  3. Last month in my post-$700 rage, I ended my secondary insurance coverage and signed up for Medicaid. That's all I can think of that I did differently!
  5. Day 60 Well, I went to my derm today to start month 3! Woohoo! She told me some bad news--my cholesterol has gone up 100 points this last month from my higher dose She's keeping me on 60 for now instead of increasing which is a bummer because I want to see results, but I also don't, you know, wanna die! All the pharmacies around me were OUTTTT of the drug (WTF) so I have to wait until Monday to get my next month's supply. One day at a time! I am happy with results so far, my mom can tell a
  6. Not sure if you all have seen the news about the chemical spill in West Virginia, but it's about two miles from my house! Needless to say, the no water rule has made me so. SO DRY. It is miserable. I didn't think my lips could be drier, but I was wrong! I've been drinking bottled water but only sparingly since I don't want to run out. My skin is suffering! Other than that, my side effects are the same. Wish me luck that the water gets turned back on soon!
  7. Alright...this is embarrassing. This is one of my weirdest side effects. My nose is super dry and bleeds all the time, and I've started getting these..I don't know..SCABS on the inside of my nose. Like super sharp scabs in there! So at first I tried to get them off, and it HURTS! They are attached to my nose! Does anyone else have this!? It is so weird and I know it just looks like I'm picking my nose! Ugh. Also, I've lost count of what day I'm on!! I'm on my second month, tomorrow is my la
  8. Photo update! What day is it now, 41?? Ugh. To me, I look like I did on day 1 except drier and with more nosebleeds and the inability to wear contacts, THE most annoying side effect. -__- Lets hope this is the last month with this much activity!!
  9. I know that you cant donate blood because of the risk of it going to a pregnant woman, but this would be donated to a 55 year old grandmother. Thoughts??
  10. Ugh, you are in the same boat!! Well, I found out last night I am not eligible for the Promius program because I DO have insurance, even though it doesn't cover it So glad they're helpful, right!? It's so heartbreaking to have this cure so close at hand and have it cost so much, and you and I are on the same dosage right now as well. I hope that your insurance covers it all--I'm going to be contacting mine again soon as well!!
  11. Day 38 So I got two (maybe) hopeful pieces of news!! I called the Promius Pharma company that was mentioned on the first page that has a discount program and they took my information and said they would get in touch with my dermatologist and insurance company so please keep your fingers crossed that something works out there! I also contacted my state's Rx assistance program who says that they may be able to help me, so they should be in touch soon. I hope that good things are happening for
  12. Day 35 Thanks guys, I'm doing what I can now to try and get assistance, but it is very discouraging. For the moment, though, my side effects aren't too bad. Super dry, lots of nosebleeds, but that's about it. Some joint pain, which is new. The snow and cold weather isn't helping things either! I'll let you all know how my money situation progresses.
  13. Day 31 Well I got my second month today! I've been increased from 20 mg twice a day to 30 mg twice a day. It makes me a little nervous because I've read the bump in dosage makes side effects worse--any experience with this?? Additionally, the increase in dose meant a price increase. This month cost me $640. I literally cried at the pharmacy when I found out. I wasn't going to buy it, but it was my last day to do so without waitin the 19 days and I'm desperate. Does ANYONE know ANY WAY I can
  14. Day 30 Went to my second month check up today and got some discouraging news. My blood work and everything was fine, but I talked to her about the crazy costs and she tried to get me assistance, but there was no luck. She was shocked it costs me $430 a month, but she's out of ideas. Right now she is appealing to my insurance company and is going to tell me what happens Thursday, but until then at least I don't have any medicine left and it looks like my cost won't be going down. So things ar
  15. Day 23 So I've never really been someone who's gotten blackheads before, but NOW? I have SO many all over my nose! I don't understand! Has anyone else had this happen?!