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  1. i find that being constipated makes me breakout. the more i go the less it comes out on my face.... too much information i know
  2. So I have done more and more research. My skin is 99% clear thanks to B.P., but I always like to know how to better myself to keep attempting to get to that 100%. I found out that digesting your food and absorbing nutrients is a huge issue when it comes to acne. I have also done much thinking and have come to the conclusion that I need to find a way to better my digestive system. I have found out you can do this by eating healthier foods and SLOWING DOWN when you eat. That is correct, if you s
  3. Thank you Dan. I really appreciate everything. I still watch what I eat for health reason, but if I do occasionally want that piece of chocolate I won't deny it. Dude, I have been clear for like 2 months now. I mean, I get one that goes away in a day, but that's about it. Dude, thank you Acne.org for saving my life. -Topzzz
  4. Lol well if they put a kid with pimples on their face in the product nobody would buy it... lol
  5. Yes ma'am! I will continue to keep updates on this too. My skin is clear right now.
  6. A GREAT SITE TO LOOK AT PDF File, but great read. Check it out/print it. I am going to!!! http://www.mla.com.au/NR/rdonlyres/CE25564...Dietbooklet.pdf
  7. I have already read that lots of water will help your skin! I have also read that hydrogenated oils are a big no no. Same with something about a high glycemic rating is bad for acne. So what diet can I go on? I am in weight training so lets remember I need to bring in the calories too. What's a good diet for me? Could you all maybe list some foods and then a meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 3 snacks... A list of foods in the big thing so lets post some good foods to ea
  8. I also have to add that weight training just began and I just began lifting again so I think this could have affected my results. Ugh, why does my training session have to occur mid day? I will have to go back to the drawing boards I guess.
  9. Yeah I see what the poster is saying. When I use the B.P. I usually wash my face only at nights and apply the B.P only at nights right after I wash my face. In the morning when I take a shower I try not to let the water hit. It seems to dry my skin when I wash my face twice a day so I see what the poster is saying!
  10. The short term results are in. I ran my tests and I didn't use the B.P. for an entire week and a half. Instead I used a 420 NM Blue Light. Well, at the beginning my skin was great just like normal. No breakouts everything was all good. Well, let's just say today and the passed 3 days hasn't been as good. I was forced to turn back to the B.P. and that in my opinion is the only way to go. I am not willing to risk any longer without it. The damage is done. I haven't had a huge breakout or anythi
  11. Answer to your question http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7JFDh8DFeI
  12. Here's a preview to my upcoming 7 day series tv show on youtube. Stay tuned, there will be a new episode every Saturday night at 5:00 PM pacific 8:00 PM eastern. I am still currently recording so I don't even know how things will turn out. I am currently on day 2 and so far everything has stayed the same... Anyway, First episode is on September 22nd, this Saturday so stay tuned. Here's the intro to my show. For those of you that are interested in switching from BP to light therapy you should def
  13. Alrighty, I thought I read that somewhere. Well, I also just remembered I had nachos with my friend the other day. He made the meat and it was extra extra salty and I think salt is bad for acne if I am right so I think that's why... Anyway it's all good. Thanks
  14. I strive for perfection. I want everything clear! So is there anything I can do to get rid of the little blackheads on my nose?
  15. I haven't had one now for about 2 months now and just had a little one. Seems that it is clearing up quickly though. 1 day after and it's almost clear. Is this normal? I think it is.. Ya'll still get those lil breakouts now and then huh? Is it just me or even the clearest of the clear have a lil breakout every now and then? Write back asap. I get outta school in 10 minutes so I won't be able to access a computer until next week. -Taylor