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  1. Siri

    10% AHA

    Just a little curious about how the progress for the 10% AHA is coming along. i'm like sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for it to be finalized and sold. lol
  2. the scars clear up permanently.... any new scarring is from new acne that has formed and scarred.
  3. quick question before i start... does Panoxyl bleach clothes? since BP is known to bleash stuff. Would I need to wear whites? wow... 9 days. its pretty humid here too... I hope this works. lol
  4. Is it really humid where you are? and Do they itch? I get these little bumps on my hand when its very humid.. like 70% + for weeks ( had them when I was in Japan last summer during monsoon season) and My mother always gets little bumps on her hands when its hot. I forgot the actual name for it But that looks really bad.. You should see a doctor
  5. i was able to get a bottle of panoxyl.. hopefully customs dont notice it in the mail, its coming from the UK so i'm waiting for now. so hopefully in 2 weeks i can try it ^^
  6. YAY! Another godiva user! You have no idea how happy I am to know I'm not alone. lol Well all skin is different and it really depends on you but, I've been using their whole skincare line for a month now and I havent broken out. But then again I rarely get acne on my face. If you keep up with cleansing and exfoliating you should be fine. Aslong as you keep up with the recommended twice a day regimen you should be fine. If youre not using the while skincare line then I dunno how they would rea
  7. I had a friend go on accutane... and he got realy bad back pain and it lowered his immune system so much he caught some infections that were pretty bad, which he normally wouldnt have gotten. He only took it for 4 months. and he still had back pain now. And he does sports so he's upset that he cant do sports or workout as much now. he regrets taking it because his back pains and him getting really sick and catching viruses and infections. It just depends on the person and dose though. But I th
  8. ; I dont have acne anymore.. I'm just floating around for some why to get rid of my scars and the faster the better. I'm going to the beach in a couple months... So its worth trying for me. and honestly I can suffer with a few days of bad skin if the end result is clear skin! So ... go be negative else where and let me try this without your input since you have nothing useful to say about this method.
  9. I cant even find it on ebay o-o; All they have is the bar :/
  10. I CANT GET IT WITHOUT GOING TO THE DOCTORS >.<! So unfair :/ Anyone in the UK wanna sneek me a bottle >_>;
  11. Which brand did you use... cause I have Perfect complexion and doesnt do crap -_-; I think I'm gonna try and get a refund >_>; but it might take longer cause i get hyperpigmentation with my acne... and its so hard to get rid of brown scars
  12. Huge! please. how long do you think it'll take for the AHA? it's gonna take months isnt it? cause doesnt it have to get FDA approval or some testing or something like that. I dunno.
  13. I had bacne in High school and being the idiot that I am i picked at them. So when they healed they left brown scars all over my back. because asians are prone to hyperpigmentation I'm slightly afriad to try stuff. Plus I also hear the back is one of the toughest skins...and hard to get things to work. I want to try to lighten them up as much as I can in 2/3 months. I was reading around I think I would like to try Baking Soad + ACV that delna wrote about. But I was wondering if it would be okay
  14. i dont think that would be good. you should do one one week then next week do the other. i think i'm goning to try the 5%, since its the only one i can get... hopefully. Or is anyone in the UK willing to help me buy Panoxyl 10% Wash and ship it over to me... and hopefully avoid customs. XD