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  1. Okay, so I am 21 years old, a senior in college, my health is good, I do not consider myself ugly, I am not overweight, I take no medicine, have friends to hang out with....On paper I feel like life is good. But I feel so empty inside. The past few weeks I wake up each day without being happy or motivated at all. Each day pretty much blends into the next. I have tried going to a local church, but feel like a complete outsider standing among strangers. Not sure what exactly it is I am se
  2. I like to think I have good skin, but unfortunately its acne prone. Ever since I was in like 4th grade I starting getting breakouts. My brother on the other hand. His skin is a slightly lighter complexion that mine, but never had a breakout all through high school. More recently his skin has started to break out a bit. Not sure why his skin waited so long to breakout...
  3. After using a BP wash for ages, I reverted back to Dan's BP after a breakout. My skin cleared up, but I feel like its also become more oily. Any thoughts/suggestions. I don't think my diet or lifestyle has changed.
  4. Dan says to shave just using soap as a lather. Do you agree? I wondered how that works for peoples here. I have tried it a few times now, not sure what to think yet except that shaving gel has a much greater lather.
  5. Because Im curious, I wondered if those of you who followed dan's regime used a topical BP in the morning. The only problem is its so time consuming, plus i always get worried it will bleach my dress clothes as I must wear a suit to work and whatnot. Any thoughts? I am thinking about Morning: Oxy BP facial wash (still haven't found a morning moisturizer that doesn't leave me looking shiny/greasy. Night: Cetaphil Antibacterial soap, Dan's BP once I buy it, plus a moisturizer TBD .. I r
  6. Are you gaining muscle or fat? And where are the stretch marks? I used to be into bodybuilding for a few years, but then I got really into track and became leaner. The only stretch marks I got were from losing muscle not gaining it. They are concentrated around my upper biceps, likely because I do less isolated lifts now. I wouldn't stop working out if I were you. If you are concerned about stretch marks while on accutane you could always do maintenance lifting to keep what you have without
  7. Hey again. Summer's going good so far, started off very nicely - spend a week with my boyfriend. :D How are you?

  8. Hey, long time no see. Got summer?

  9. Hope all is well with you, pancake tits

  10. Happy New Year. I hope you had a great holiday too.

  11. just wanted to say hi. hope you're feeling a bit better than you had been. have a happy holiday :)

  12. Happy Holidays to you too, pancake tits.

    ( O ) ( O )

  13. np bro, hope everything works out well! Happy holidays to you too!

  14. Your picture made me laugh. :) Ryan Howard is the man.