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  1. If you can't get Aquaphor, try to get "Burt's Bees". That's what I used 3 years ago when I was on tane. It sure beat anything I got from Boots, that's for sure.
  2. I found some old pics on my computer which I thought were deleted which show my skin pre-tane --exciting lol
  3. Hi Kaylaah, thanks for the comment on my gallery. You're very pretty!

  4. I feel like a bit of a loser as I live junk food lol. I only get acne if I over-eat now, but I'm on vitamin B5 and have previously been on accutane so... Don't get me wrong though, I have tried the paleo diet and extreme diets consisting of only meat and veg, but it adversely affected my energy levels and I didn't see any improvement in my acne.
  5. So what b5 do u take exactly if u don't mind me asking? Just debating on incorporating biotin and a b-complex as well and if time released capsules are effective or not...

  6. Approximately 23 for me delivered from the US to the UK. I used to spend more than that on cleansers and other supplements before, so for me I'm actually spending less.
  7. Thought i'd just add my support for the B5 regimen. Been taking B5 for nearly 2 years now at 10g/day and don't get oily skin/acne any more. Post-accutane, my oily skin and acne started to come back so I tried B5 and never looked back. Make of this what you will, but I would at least recommend trying B5 to see if it works for you. I take the capsules 10 in the morning and 10 at night.
  8. I finished accutane a while back and had a similar experience to you. A few months post tane I could see my face getting oily again. Thankfully, it has gone away now but to be honest I'm not too sure if it was just a normal phase of accutane or what as I have been taking pantothenic acid since then.
  9. Going so soon? :confused: Well, I wish you the very best for you too in the future :)
  10. Thanks for adding me to your friend list, but I'm leaving acne.org. My love affair is over. Take care x

  11. And thank you. I'm actually doing really good in that respect. Think at 26 I'm finally growing out of it. My skin will never be perfect.. but hey, its fine.

  12. Good for you. I'm a former accutane user myself and it's comforting to know that there's people out there that aren't so shallow .