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  1. hey i think the consensus here is to grow some balls. sounds like a plan to me! yeah man i have been doing serious working out for like 2 years now. i lost 25 pounds and have really done a ncie job on getting my body to look the way i want to. i definitely started working out as a means of not thinking about my face, and it helped. thanks for all the advice everyone. i just gotta go balls to the walls and not give a fuck about what anyone else thinks. things are
  2. hey everyone i am finally on the brink of having clear skin...it looks really good. for the first time i saw a picutre of myself someone took and my face looked great. it's been years since that happened. i am really confident and am really happy. i am about to graduate film school and am feeling awesome. BUT . . . I always thought when my skin got to where it is that i'd be able to snap my fingers and be able to be really confident and ready to go pick up girls and ha
  3. hey guys i have the same problem as you but i have found something that really works well. it's called paula's choice skin relief treatment. it soothes your skin, stops redness, and even helps kill pimples that are all a result from shaving irritation. it even helps with those nasty razor bumps. its doing wonders for me. i even use it on all other parts on my face and its helping there too. the stuff is great. its giving me my life back! good luck!
  4. hey everyone i think i am finally on the home stretch of clearing my face. scars are healing...breakouts are to a minimum...and i have ordered a product from paula's choice for razor bumps...however! my nose still gets red and discolored. some days its normal and others its red and blotchy...how do i fix this? thanks for you help. i appreciate it.
  5. tricia that post was so beautifully written. thank u for that
  6. hey anime thanks for all that info. i really appreciate it. =D>
  7. hey jjmax The past few days i have been using a lot of aloe. My face is pretty much back to normal. In fact, cause of the aloe, my face looks BETTER taht it ever has. the main ingredient in follique was alcohol, so i am assuming thats what caused the negative reaction. i have been contacting the people at tend skin to see if their product will do the same thing follique did. But u say tend skin has a lot of alochol...so does that mean dont use it? but the big question s
  8. hey this past week i have had a lot of problems with my mom due to acne. i had a horrible reaction to a product (Follique...DO NOT USE IT) and i have been very down. she is getting really upset cause i have not left teh house at all ( i am on my spring break from college...not exactly mtv style stuff) and have been in one of my worst depressions in months. she sees me lie to people so i dont have to go out and she is getting mad. she didnt understand the severity of the mental e
  9. hey cursed skin i used follique for razor bumps and it basically made me look like a burn victim...my face is only now healing from the damage but my question is would tend skin burn my face as well? i think i read something about if you are gtting chemical peels done it can cause damage to your face....is this true? should i not use it if i am getting peels done...but with follique, it had been weeks since my last peel, and it still messed me up big time. i just want these li
  10. hey lilchicken thanks for the reply. trust me, i have been to a derm...but that guy can kiss my irish/italian ass before i messed it up...it was looking really good...i rarely get pimples...its jsut very minor scarring on one cheek (which has faded considerably since i started getting peels) and these razor bumps i cant take accutane cause i have a history of bipolar disorder in my immediate family...plus its really not taht sever...this is much more "cosmetic" than oth
  11. hey everyone like all of you i have been battling acne for a very long time. over the summer i got clearlight treatments done, which have thankfullly lowered the amount of breakouts dramatically and given me a better complexion. However, i have horrible guilt over the fact my mom had to pay so much money for it. she should be spending it on herself. this eats away at me every day. in december, i realized that pimples were no longer the problem. it is now scars and discoloratio