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  1. Proxy I Am glad that everything work out for u. And I think I have the same shit in the nose. I have a question in what country do you live? How did you do it to find a good platic surgeon? Did new sebaceous hyperplasia glands keep coming?? I hope u can help me my email is [email protected]

  2. Electrucautery 300-600 bucks but why would you care if they are on your back and chest?
  3. Not from acne but some guys were making fun of me and being general jerks so I kicked the leader of the thugs in the face and busted his teeth then grabbed him by the neck and asked him if he wanted to be my bitch. Threw him back to his friends and told them to bring it on. They just walked away =)
  4. Ummmm ok. I have a business plan due on monday *stressed out*. I just finished a project management assignment which took all weekend, working 10-16 hour days in school, no time to work out, eat junk food in order to survive (no time for a real meal). Stressed out, stressed, stressed. Grad school....... prelude to real life.
  5. Reserve officer training corps. Uhh I don't really brag about money FYI, its just that is my profession (Finance guy). It's like a soccer player talking about a game. Also I am not very nice to girls, especially the ones I like, why? I don't know. I am an immature jack ass sometimes. I think deep down I fear being rejected.
  6. Anyways life is funny isnt it? well not really, my head hurts so much from working 10-16 hour days for school. Oh man... I was thinking why do good looking girls have to be such cold hearted B****es? Does anyone else get that? I have no problems hooking up with hot girls but their attitude turns me off. The bad news for the week is I blew off this totally hot ROTC chick who had a dominating attitude......maybe I should have banged her first. Good news is I made $20,000 when the oil fu
  7. Red bleeding day 1, but you can do everything the next day. I did a whole thread on sebaceous hyperplasia that details my experience, search for it if you want to.
  8. just smoothes out your skin. I had it done on my nose........ umm 85% improvement. good enough
  9. Alright well I am the result of an Chinese father and a German mother, of course all American baby. Here are some Eurasian chicks (half asian-half white) This girl looks like one of my "friends" I won't elaborate Here is one of my favorite girls too
  10. Well Chuck I am mainly interested because I find your story fascinating. Secondary reasons ummm I think the "interracial" couple in the story hits close to home. Also I wanted to see human behavior at work, on how you percieved the situation and reacted accordingly.
  11. I think what chuck did is the right thing. Personally, I think it is honorable for a man to not hit on a girl who is already taken, it shows respect to both parties. Everyone wants honor, respect and dignity, some just forget those character traits are forged through the fire of trials. Chuck there are many great girls in the world and I am sure one of them is custom made for you. Good luck buddy.
  12. Bored? Ha! I have exactly 36 minutes until my very first class for my MBA. The interesting thing is I misread the assignment and did 4 extra problems which were not assigned by mistake until 1 am last night, got up early today to work on the rest and am getting screwed over. At this point I am looking at a -4% for the entire class because my HW is all messed up. I can probably get most of it done, shooting for an 80% on the first day of class!