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  1. Haha. Today renovo reports that thier product failed. Thier stock falls 74% in one day. What a bunch of loosers to keep everyone running along with hope for 5 years. Just another bunch of scientists ripping off the investors making product claims to justify ongoing research and keeping the pay checks rolling in. Some scientists should die. )))
  2. Yeah show us your work. Do it again and take some photos. The results could be simply swelling. From cut this resides 2-3 weeks after making the injury. I am assuming you went very seperfilial(shallow) on the cuts. Just enought to cause some damage and bleeding. If done right i could see it working. In reality it is like needling.Your forcing the body to heal that area, and for a cut from my experience my body lays down more material(giving me a raised scar) Never really thought about it but
  3. So if you have excessive clogged pores, Oily skin, and are beggining to notice twitching in your fingers, you have parkinsons ? haha. Wheres my gun........ Going to shoot myself in the face now, so i can meet my maker and give him the shit kickin of his life.
  4. You bring up some good pionts. Especially where you mentions how many repeat threads there are on here. Holy Crap this board truly is an echo chamber of loss and dispair. I feel so trapped being here, but i simply cant stop comming every day.
  5. Well the problem i have with your post is that they have created skin using stem cells. It has been used on burn victims in hospitals. It is proven. But past advances in stem cell used to create skin is not effective as the skin created is not really functional, it is dry and brittle because is does not contain all the componets of skin. The latest research done by clevers with stem cells found in the hair follicle is supposed to contain everything from sweat gland, sebacous glands collagen ect
  6. And if he dont give you a refund, you can always find out where he lives
  7. Careful, many people like myself have got more damage from a laser. Also its common you get permanent shiny looking skin. Also have you looked into alternatives like tca and needling . Those methods dont desrtoy the good skin that you have. They only fix the scars. Any how you can do needling or tca at home for under 100 bucks. Lasers imho are garbage and should be more closely regulated for scar treatment as many derms are just trying to make a profit of the machine.
  8. Just wanted to know. Do you smoke lisa ?
  9. i have comedonal-non imflamed acne.this vinegar really clogged my pores.only apply it to the scar maybe
  10. Here is the abstract to hans clevers research. Anyone have access to it ? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20223988 Here is another abstract by Cédric Blanpain which mentions LRG6 in skin regeneration http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20360726 And here is an article explaining cedrics findings titled, Stem CellS Skin regeneration and repair(may 2010) He discusses Lrg6 wound repair http://blanpainlab.ulb.ac.be/images/pdf/Bl...Nature_2010.pdf I emailed Cedric on the 8th of july. Lets see if
  11. Well its already proven effective in mice. So it already exists, like the post says, another 2 year before you will see it used for burn victims and then im sure within another 2-3 years you will see it being used for treatment of scars. Im going to make a guess of 5 years maximum. Dont forget though this stem cell creates only the skin.For deep sunken scars it will only coat a fresh layer of skin on them. You will need something like birds approach in combination. Hey, I do not have acne.....D
  12. My husband has a blackhead on his shoulder that has been there for 5 years! Everytime we get it out, it keeps coming back. It's like it's being fed constantly from under the skin. We call it his mutant pore lol. I guess things like this just happen sometimes. Have you tried going to the doctor...maybe a cortisone shot would help it or antibiotics. Have you tried hydrogen peroxide? I find when I have a huge zit if I squeeze it a little (just to open it up) and dab peroxide on it every few
  13. Scientists find “mother†of all skin cells LONDON (Reuters) — Scientists have found the “mother,†or origin, of all skin cells and say their discovery could dramatically improve skin treatments for victims of serious wounds and burns. Hans Clevers and a team of Dutch and Swedish researchers conducted a study in mice and found that the stem cell that gives produces all the different cells of the skin actually lives in hair follicles. The findings, which they say will translate for human u
  14. Okay i have had a huge whitehead in the same spot for over 2 years. In 2008 it first formed deep under the skin on my cheek and i left it alone for about 1.5 years to see if it would go away on its own. After 1.5 years i finally extracted the huge mofo.it was maybe 1/2 the size of a pea . But it just comes back, even after i extracted it a socond time. well im done with trying to remove it by extraction. What are my options. Honestly a single pore is doing so much damage. Im considering taking
  15. I think in regards to stem cell treatment of scars we should be watching out for progress made by a scientist named Hans clevers. Clevers it isolating the parent stem cell that forms all the components of skin including pores ,hair folicles and not fat tissue. He has dubbed it the lrg6 stem cell. From what i know of bird, he is simply using fat and trying to culture stem cells from that. This would simply create, volume and really be best used on maybe mega deep scars and some rolling scars.