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  1. i think im going to try the egg yolk and the honey method any tips on this mask with anyone who has used it??
  2. does anyone have any face masks that moisturize? Nothing too crazy just one that simply moisturizes as my skin is dry from the cold weather. Thanks
  3. do you apply more stuff to the right side compared to the left side? during your regimine? one of my cheeks is worse then the other but not THAT much. mines because of my facial hair though, it grows a bit differently.
  4. your probably irritating it. that would be my guess
  5. thanks for the responces!! well in the warmer weather i used retin A everyother day i shaved every day (which also dry's out my skin) i washed my face morning and night with spectro jel (very light) and i used aloa vera gel to moisturize day and night. Not much as i came home today my skin is definetly breaking out because of dryness, what would you guys recommend i change?? I changed it to using retin a every third night and i am only washing my face with water in the morning. You guys h
  6. the thing is my skin got really dry just recently. once the cold weather hit. before this breakout i have not had one for a long time. Im currently using the retin A every third night to try and reduce redness and dryness on my face, doesnt seem to be working, im getting this itch that i havennt felt in years!!! Should i jsut cut out retina A? ive been using it for 4 years now and my problem still isnt solved..im thinking of just sticking to washing, aloa vera and shaving, which also helps for
  7. yea but its always said its important to wash your face twice a day. is washing the face with just water enough??
  8. ive started to wake up recently in teh cold weather and my face doesnt have ANY oil on it. it looks really good. But then obviously i wash my face like i always do with spectro jel and after that it looks terrible for a bit Is it okay to just rinse my face with water in the mornings? because i think the wash in the morning with the cold weather is excessive. anyone have any idea
  9. shaving doesnt have to be that intense. well for me it isnt at least i wash in the shower first of all. thats convenient I wash my face with my cleaner, rinse with cold water for a couple seconds while in the shower then i use shaving cream, any kind. I then shave with the grain, less irritation i then rinse with cold water and im good to go. No after i shave, i just go with my regimen once im out of the shower Hope that helps. Cool water really helps!!
  10. i put aloa vera on in the morning any other moisturizers make me break out does anyone else have any experiences with this??
  11. if there really big and ready to go. pop them with a sterilized needle and squeeze around it with your fingers untill you see the first bit of red. then stop clean and go on with your regimine
  12. so ive been using retin A for 4 years and im tired of the redness on my cheeks(the only place i use it) and while my acne has gotten much better since ive started, i want to either reduce the use or reduce the redness in my cheeks somehow I currently use it every other night (.025) do you guys think/know that reducing it to every third night will be bad? or how long retin A is effective for??? or if theres any other way to reduce redness in my cheeks?? thanks in advance
  13. i was clear during the summer, and now im breaking out with the cold weather I dont know what to change though I use retin A every other night I shave every other night as well And i use Aloa vera gel morning and night I use Spectro Gel morning and night If i use retin A every third night is this okay? and i would stop shaving as it is drying but it really does help with my acne, but i just dont know what to do anymore... would is be better to apply the aloa vera right after i wash my face?
  14. hey i havent broken out in so long... but i tihnk this coldweather is messing up my routine I shave every other day and i apply retin A every other day Morning and night i apply Aloa vera Gel Im currently breaking out, red bumps, no whiteheads, and there sticking around what is the cold weather doing to my skin? and what can i do more of or less of to fix it? thanks
  15. ive been using Retin A for nearly 4 years now? lol I get random pimples now, like i cant avoid them, i think i grew out of it to tell the truth, not really anything ive changed in my routine So i was wondering, im currently using Retin A every other night, but im thinking of cutting it out. Should i use it every 3rd night and then eventually every fourth night and so on, or do you think i can completely cut it out? thanks in advance