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  1. No it's the same one, as I mentioned I only used very small amounts of the BP and it seemed to get the job done but something suddenly changed
  2. Hey,So I started using the treatment since 26th December, first two months were BRUTAL all the extreme dryness and peeling were the worst but I noticed I was finally free from active breakouts so instead of increasing the amount I actually started using less and could tell that its doing something for my face cause whenever I stopped I would get new breakouts coming in, so I just used the treatment at most 4 times a week only at night and everything worked great, then one day out of the sudden
  3. Hello, this is my first time ever writting here, so it might be a bit long (sorry in advance) So first off I will start by giving you an idea why I got on acne.Org regimen, I always had mild acne growing up, but around the time I became 20 ( Im now 22), my acne changed to these painful cystic pimples which leave the nastiest scars when they heal and by the time they heal new ones form on top of these scars and ever since my face is covered in discoloration from acne and scars. So I began usi