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  1. i'm doing the diet thing too (no dairy, wheat, sugar, coffee) and have had amazing results as well. i had an allergy test done and it came back saying that i wasn't allergic to ANYTHING. i find this a little hard to believe that there's nothing that i'm sensitive to, but anyway, this diet is def. working for me. my skin is a thousand times less oily too... not sure what food is responsible, but i suspect the wheat was making my skin so oily. glad to hear you've found something that works!
  2. a while ago when i tried BP i went out and bought some whilte pillow cases and towels since i learned several years ago when using proactive that it bleaches. ps... i also agree with evenstar.... cut out the chemicals and get to the root of the problem. it'll save you a lot of grief and money in the end. i mean, do you really want to be putting something on your face that bleaches?? sorry about your sheets.... i'd be pissed too!
  3. have you tried altering your diet. i know its a matter of debate on here, but if you are as desperate as you sound, then why not give it a shot? i've suffered with acne for over 20 years and tried every topical and antibiotic out there. now at 34 i'm changing my eating habits got rid of all the harsh chemicals and i'm getting amazing results. if only i knew back then.... i truely believe that acne is a symptom of something else going on with your body. btw, i always assumed that if i coul
  4. sorry to butt in, but braggs is perfect... considered one of the best acv for health. cheers.
  5. seaview

    Oily skin

    i'm 34 years old and always had oily skin. in the last month i have made a few changes and cannot believe how my oil production has decreased. i used to SOAK 2 blotting papers by lunch time... yuk. this is what i've done... stopped all topicals and harsh products - using natural cleanser (no SLS, parabens, nasty stuff), acv toner and JOJOBA oil for moisturizing cut out sugar, wheat, dairy and coffee take 'New Chapter Organics' vitamins and calcium supplement recently added fish oil and ev
  6. were you already on your elimination diet at the time of the test?
  7. i had a blood allergy test done and it came back negative.. meaning i had no allergies to food or airborne particles whatsoever. i was disappointed, was hoping for some answer. but i kept to my no dairy, sugar, wheat, coffee diet and i've seen consistant results since. i say get the blood test to see what comes up, but also continue cutting out these acne triggers. it certainly can't hurt!
  8. i've been reading in a couple of other threads about this whole underweight issue. seems like there are several of us who have this problem. was hoping NdnRomeo would weigh in with his thoughts.... he seems to know a lot about these things.
  9. jojoba oil. i'm absolutely amazed at that even by the end of the day, my skin is not oily in the least. i used to soak a couple of oil blotting sheets by lunch time.
  10. i just wrote this in another thread, but have any of you tried: evening primrose oil black cohosh dong quai all are natural hormone balancing supplements. i'm using epo and a dong quai tonic. have been doing so for a month and my jawline cysts are finally flattening out. i've also cut out dairy, sugar, wheat and coffee and stopped using topicals. i wash my face with an all natural cleanser, tone with acv (50/50 water) and use 2 drops of jojoba oil with 1 drop of tea tree oil. on a side
  11. not sure if this has been mentioned, but all that milk might be contributing to your acne. milk and sugar are huge acne triggers for me and many others.
  12. hi Lorrie, I'm 34 and have had acne since puberty, but these last few months it has become the jawline cyst type (fun eh?) i've stopped eating dairy, wheat, sugar and coffee. i'm also taking some very good vitamins (multi and calcium) and fish oil. i've recently started evening primrose oil which is supposed to really help with pms. there are a couple of herbal homonal treatments you could try too, black cohash and dong quai. someone recommended a dong quai 'tonic' (the d.q. root cooked in
  13. multivitamins made me nausous too. i now use new chapter organics. they are a 'whole food' vitamin and are very easily absorbed. i can even take them on an empty stomach with no issues. my skin has improved a lot since taking them too. newchapter.com
  14. i haven't read this entire thread, so i'm not sure if this has been mentioned... but perhpas using white tea would be better? it has 3 times the antioxidents of green tea, so that's gotta be good, right?