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  1. I think ill be doing a 25% peel shortly. only thing is i needled around 2 weeks ago. how long should i wait ?
  2. Do you use it after TCA cross ? If so, how fast...after the scabbing is off or immediately after ?
  3. Whyyyyyyyy cant i post a new topic. But i can reply to others. though. This freaking weird !!!
  4. Bump. Hows everyone doing with CP's ?
  5. Antnee


    Can someone tell me...how long do you have to wait after a TCA peel (25%) before you can needle ?
  6. im new to peels, but ive been researching a bit. One thing i havent understood...whats the difference in effectiveness (if any), between an unbuffered 30% GA and one with the same strength at a ph of say 2.5 ?
  7. Question....Ive never had a peel done (with stronger aha's). Anyway, ive been using 100%Tea tree oil on an area, it became dark and scaley over the past few days. Today it all peeled off and a nice pinkish tone is there. Is this essentially what a glycolic/SA peel does ?
  8. Antnee


    What r the prices for fraxel ?
  9. Eh, just slice it open. I dont think its a keloid, just a large cyst in an unusual spot.