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  1. Thanks for your suggestions! I am agonizing about this way too much. Few things: do you think the colors I chose already will work with my skin and hair or not? I thought they looked pretty online, but having never seen them or tried them, i have no idea what they will actually look like. would you recommend i take any of the ones i originally chose out? Also I couldnt find glass bottom boat eyeshadow, or the summer stroll blush on the site. Am I missing something? i just want to like what i
  2. I use Purpose SPF 15 moisturizer. I find it very mild, non-greasy and light, and I like that it has SPF. I would recommend it. They also make an SPF30 that says it is for redness. I have not tried it, but it might be a good option for you if you have a redness plus sensitive skin. I have been sold and will never change from Purpose face wash and moisture!! LOVE IT!!
  3. Hi everyone, After buying several free sample kits I have finally determined my foundation matches: Multi Tasking Neutral and Beige Fairly Light. With this color skin, I also have dark brown hair and eyes. I want to go ahead and order the I Cant Believe it kit. I was wondering if anyone can give me suggestions as to what colors to get! finishing dust...I would like something that maybe I could use on a day where I dont use foundation but something that is light and pretty. And also you use thi
  4. Your title says "H&S" but your post says you got clear with "Clean and Clear". Which one is it?
  5. Just curious if a lower % of AHA would be less stinging/irritating. I have used the Souffle 12% for almost 3 months now and it still burns when i put it on. Wondering if the enhanced lotion (10%) would be a little less irritating? Any thoughts? PS free shipping on all Alpha Hydrox products this month!! http://www.neotericcosmetics.com/alpha-hydrox/default.html
  6. Just thought I'd share for those of you who use or want to try Alpha Hydrox products, there is free shipping on them on their website. They are hard to find near me, so this was a nice suprise! http://www.neotericcosmetics.com/alpha-hydrox/default.html
  7. Hi all, My skin is getting better using Alpha Hydrox Souffle. I use it at night before bed. The only thing is is that it BURNS still after using for almost 3 months now. I was under the impression the burning would go away after a week or so of use. I still use it, but I am almost out of my jar. I am thinking that a slightly lower % of glycolic acid might sting less. Does anyone know? The souffle is 12% glycolic acid. I see the Enhanced Lotion is 10%. Should I try this, or will I start breaking
  8. Thanks that was very insightful. I've had it a goal to stop picking for 8 years now. Am focused on it every minute of the day. Still do it. Any other ideas? :) PS Look up the condition called "trichotillomania". It is related to skin picking. Trust me, if it was a matter of "putting your mind to it" I would have stopped 8 years ago.
  9. I took high offense to this comment. There is a legitimate condition called CSP/dermatillamania where quite normal people have a condition where they cannot stop damaging their skin. I know of only one person who has succeeding in overcoming it, and she was a "picker" for 40 years. Everybody picks and pops here and there, but those of us with the actual condition are not "ignorant with no self-control", we are normal, quite educated about our problem, and it is an absolutely horrific and debilit
  10. I used it for a month. I started breaking out after a few days and it lasted all month. I have since stopped using it because I dont want my medication to be in cleanser form. But the way I understand it is it does do a purge, for some it takes longer than others. For me, 1 month was long enough. I have since switched to a gentle cleanser (Purpose) and use only Alpha Hydrox Souffle at night. been doing it only a few days, but so far ok. Not any worse than using the AG, but not a ton better eith