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  1. Haven't tried that particular brand, but i have tried sudocrem which is pretty much the same thing (for baby rash, minor burns etc). I know some people claim it worked for them but really it did nothing for me, the only reason my marks looked less prominent was because of the consistency of the cream and the zinc oxide which created a white film on my face, but once i washed it off the marks were pretty much the same as before. It looks like zincofax also contains petroleum which i don't think i
  2. Can you explain this to me? Ive heard people talk breifly about using aspirin but not much? This is just any old aspirin? Applied topically? You make it a powder or what? Thanks.
  3. Now is that when your using BS with the ACV? cause I use ACV anyway and never wash it off, so when using the BS you need to wash it off? how is it suppose to work if your washing it off? My morning routin needs to be simple cause I have to go to work early. Would it be possible just to use ACV in the morning and do the mask and BS at night? Or do I need to keep the mask and BS separate?
  4. yeah you could give it a try... if you still have active acne then it's best to follow the acv with some sort of acne treatment... most people cleanse, tone with acv and then put their spot treatment on if you get the bye bye blemish thing you don't need to do the acv neat with aspirin cos this may make ur skin too dry along with the salicylic acid and sulfer in the other product.
  5. haven't tried it but it seems to be aimed at active acne as opposed to scars... looking at the ingredients it has all the right stuff like salicylic acid, sulfur and zinc oxide... the active ingredient is sulfer 10% and from my experience with sulfer it does clear your skin but it also discolours it... if you have the odd spot chuck a few aspirin into the acv toner and it will have the same effect as salicylic acid.
  6. i would put more acv and less water if you're not seeing results... i use it neat and saw results within a week although i guess it all depends on the severity of the marks on your face - acv will help red marks, but it won't cure deeper scars
  7. yeah... but the poster in that topic doesn't make much sense when they say to exfoliate with baking soda then follow with acv to "neutralise" the skin's PH... but then she says to wash it off 10 mins later so wouldn't you just be removing the effects of what you've just put on your skin lol confusing i know and if you're putting it on frequently during the day i don't think the constant washing of your face would do much good to your skin... anyway if you look at the main acv topic http://www.a
  8. yes it can burn the skin that's a danger with using it undiluted... but like i said i only use it twice a day and moisturise afterwards and it seems to be ok so far. i can't say whether diluted or undiluted works better as everyone's skin is different, so for someone who has sensitive skin it would do more harm than good to use it undiluted, also if you're applying the acv toner more than 2-3 times a day then i wouldn't advise using it neat as you'd prolly damage the skin.