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  1. I have very oily face and moisturizer usually makes it even more oily 3-4 hours later. I've tried Dan's Moisturizer and Neutrogena Oil-Free SPF 15 moisturizer but am looking for a moisturizer that's perfect for OILY skin. Do you guys have any recommedations? I've read a lot of the reviews but am looking specifically for OILY prone face. Thanks guys
  2. My skin type: I have very oily face, sensitive skin, but little acne (thanks to the regimen). I am wondering how many times is it OK to use cleanser and moisturizer for your face? The standard is 2x a day, once in the morning and another at night. But lately the warm weather has been making my face very oily and I would like to use cleanser/moisturizer 3-4x a day. Will there be any bad side effects of using cleanser/moisturizer that much? What do you guys think of oil blotting paper? It does
  3. can anyone help? what kind of treatment is applicable for these type of scars (or whatever they are)
  4. I've been using the Regimen for awhile now. After washing, putting Treatment, and then AHA, the AHA always accumulates and peels off when applying, like there is an excess of it and it become waxy on my face. I usually have to wipe off the curled balls of AHA with a tissue, it's kind of annoying. I feel like the AHA is mixing with the Benzyl peroxide but even after waiting 15-20 minutes to apply the AHA I still get an excess of it that I have to wipe off. Is this supposed to happen? What's up
  5. Hi guys, I am wondering if any of you experts can identify what type of scarring I have from my previous acne. My face is pretty clear now so these scars are the last thing I have to work on. Between my ears and eyes are the scars. Close up with light (in person it doesn't stand out this much) What are they and what is the best treatment for them? Is the regimen's AHA good to put over the scars every night? Any information will be appreciated, sorry if the pics are gross Acne in pictur
  6. I'm following the DKR steps very closely. I use DK cleanser, BP, and Cetaphil moisturizer. I use the same amount of moisturizer as I do BP. Very light layer on my skin. I have very sensitive skin to begin with... I have had hives before so I'm not sure if what I'm experiencing is normal ("what to be expected") or if the Regimen is not compatible with my skin.
  7. Hi, I'm 1 week into my DKR. Yesterday and today my cheeks are more itchy/irritated than normal. It's pretty severe at times, it feels like my skin is stinging. It's impossible not to touch my face just to sooth the irritation. So I can't help but touch my face very often. Feels like hives. Is this normal? I have been putting BP on twice and day with very thin and small amounts, and it wasn't until the 7th day it felt this way. Can someone please explain how "itchy, irritation, red skin" shoul
  8. What's recommended for the nose/large pores? Do those Biore strips work well? Hmm.
  9. I have large pores on my face, especially on the nose. I have oily skin on my face and I have an easy time scratching off dead cells, oil bits and such. During the day I can see the oil (sebum) waxy bits coming out of the pores on my nose and I can scratch them out and off with my fingernail. Does the DK Regimen address large pores and the sebum? Or should I be doing something else to supplement this? I literally scratched a few out just before I did my night-time fash wash routine...
  10. Hi, I've been using the Regimen (DK's Cleanser and BP) + Cetaphil Moisterizer (as recommended) for 4 days now. I noticed theres is slight redness on my cheeks when I add the moisterizer. Also, it makes my face appear a bit oily. Perhaps I'm putting too much on? Do I add the same amount (one-third of finger length) of moisterizer as I do with BP? How important is moisterizer to the Regimen? Does it prevent acne? Or is it only for cosmetic reasons so your face doesn't appear dry/flaky? I'll be