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  1. It's been a REALLY long time.

    As in like, 7 years, I think.  

    I'm back!  And back on the regimen.  Actually, I guess I'm officially on the full regimen for the first time, since before I was only using the BP and AHA.

    Well here we go! 

  2. I wear mineral makeup and use Dan's cleanser. I've found that rinsing a lot helps get the breakup started. I don't scrub, but splash my face with warm water, barely massaging. Then I use the cleanser as normal. It gets the rest off no problem.
  3. I used to use Bare Minerals. It was too pink and really shiny. I much prefer Everyday Minerals. There are oodles of different mineral companies out there now. When you're searching, be sure to look for whether or not they have sample packages for you to try.
  4. I've been using Coverblend's multi-function concealer (get it at Ulta or Sephora or other specialty stores) with a concealer brush (for wet concealer, not mineral) as backup on particularly dark red marks. Then I do foundation and then powder concealer over it and it looks perfect. It's a bit pricey, but it lasts ages and is really the only one that works really well for me. Only other one I can think of is Physician's Formula mineral concealer pen (any drug store).
  5. Thats a good idea :), how would you suggest doing that? Mixing it as you go every morning, or mixing a big batch once you find out your perfect mix? I ordered the baby kabuki brush and it still seemed a bit big for me... I use one finger at a time to apply my foundation... I was thinking something smaller? Thanks for the advice!!! I would recommend mixing it every morning so you don't waste a whole batch if you mess up. It might be slow at first, but once you get a feel for how muc
  6. tdot: Have you tried the baby kabuki brush? It's much smaller and may work better for you. You might also try making the powder into a liquid foundation by mixing some with your moisturizer. It'll take some experimenting to get the right mixture, most likely, and a bit of patience. The nice thing about mineral makeup is it's very versatile.
  7. I've been using Flying Coach as a bronzer for a while and I must say that I love it. Works as an eyeshadow, too. It looks way more sparkly in the jar than on my face, thankfully, but that's how it seems to be for all the face colors (thankfully again).
  8. If you ask me, I think you should start looking for a different job as soon as possible.

  9. I've noticed that the USPS site usually doesn't have any info until it's practically at the house. It'll tell me when it left sometimes, then when it arrived at the house. Also, it's possible EDM said they shipped it when they didn't. :shrug: I do know that I've had poor luck getting good info from the USPS site as far as where my package is. UPS is way better at that, IMO. It's always gotten here eventually, though. I've never had an EDM product not show up. EDIT: Actually, hrm, I s
  10. It's discontinued. You can find it online other places, but I don't know where. http://www.theconservatorie.com/products/S...owder-33-5.html :D is that anything like Mineral Vein from Bare Escentuals? Should be exactly like it, if not better. EM used a current powder as a preservative, but the link I...er, linked is pure silk powder. It's also cheaper and you get more.
  11. It's discontinued. You can find it online other places, but I don't know where. http://www.theconservatorie.com/products/S...owder-33-5.html :D
  12. I'm thinking I'm going to order samples of them anyway. >.> <.< >.> Even the ones that don't suit my color, in case any other of my friends want to try it. *addict* :(