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  1. well, my dd's rash is pretty much gone on her face, but now she has another one on her forehead. I am not sure if it is the same rash because she said this time, it doesn't itch like it did last time. Her forehead is completely covered with tiny flesh color bumps and when she squeezes them, a clear watery fluid comes out. It's not like the comedonal acne she has experienced in the past. When will all this madness end. Does anyone have a clue what this can be?
  2. well, the dermatologist has diagnosed my daughter with folliculitis. She has prescribed her cloderm 0.1% ointment for her face which a corticosteroid and to continue the betamethasone steroid on her body. She will be taking doxycycline for 2 months. My daughter has not used any acne products on her face for about 4 days now and ther derm told her not to start using them again for at least 6 weeks. Has anyone had folliculitis before? does this treatment seem right to you?
  3. My daughter has not been eating anything differrent then she was before. Could be the change in weather but it just seems odd that this breakout started around the same time she started using this ointment.
  4. hi, my daughter had been relatively clear for about a month. About 2 weeks ago she started getting this rash on her legs. I took her to the doctor and they put her on a corticosteroid ointment twice a day. About a week ago we both noticed she was getting a few little pimples and her face started getting kind of red and her mouth area was looking dry and chapped and flaking real bad. Then about 3-4 days ago she had the worse break out she has ever had. It was real bad around her mouth and then he
  5. I went to the mall today and noticed we are getting a Sephora store.
  6. How long was she using the makeup before she started to break out? idk I think close to 2 weeks.
  7. How long was she using the makeup before she started to break out?
  8. my dd has started using physicians formula mineral pressed powder. Now I was kind of thinking it might be breaking her out but now I am not sure. The reason I am not sure is because it just seems like the one side of her face that has always been her worse side is the side breaking out. If it was from the makeup wouldn't she have a breakouts on more then just one side of her face? The lesft side of her face is clear but for some reason the right side just refuses to clear up. It actually seems l