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  1. Thanks for following! Keep me updated as well. Also I wanted to know if you can see a difference in my skin? I'm noticing more redness
  2. Day 4 - Not sure if I'm seeing improvement. Today I did a quick Nizoral wash in the morning and left it on for 15 min last night and then exfoliated with Aveeno's daily brightening scrub after. Day 5 - did Nizoral 15 min last night, followed it with my aveeno daily scrub. I did a quick Nizoral wash. I also forgot to mention that I've been moisturizing with neutropenia's moisturizer for sensitive skin. I think my skin is clearing up but I won't be convinced til i my skin is completely c
  3. So I have these flesh colored bumps on my face (mainly my forehead and sides of face) for as long as I can remember. You can't really see them unless you are up close or in sunlight. It gives my skin this rough texture and for years I thought it was just acne. I came across a video saying tiny bumps on forehead might not be acne but a fungal overgrowth that can be cured with Nizoral, an anti-dandruff shampoo. Symptoms include a slight itch, and I do scratch my face sometimes... i barely notice