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  1. Here’s an update on my skin I think it’a looking a bit better. I’m actually feeling better about my skin. Hopefully clear days ahead
  2. Still no real improvement with my skin. I’m giving up hope. My dr. Says it takes atleast 12 weeks to know if it works but It’s taking forever. Definitely not an overnight miracle.
  3. Okay so I’ve picked... I know I shouldn’t have. And I have 2 new cystic pimples on my right hand side. We’ll see if they go away quickly. BTW my skin care routine is as follows: Cerave cleanser thayers witch hazel toner in lavender Aloe Vera gel - from the actual plant not the packaged stuff sometimes Mario Badescu Buffing lotion and sometimes destin also ive been masking with either Mario Badescu Drying mask or yes 2 tomatoes charcoal mask.
  4. Hello, I’m not sure if anyone will read this. But I will start a spirno journey. A lot of people suffer from cystic acne and unfortunately I’m one of them. I hope we can all have each other tips and learn from one another. Here is where I’m startng out. I’ll be updating everyone every week or two. I’m starting off on 100 mg spirnolactone
  5. I have always had clean skin until April of this year that I started getting cystic acne. I don't know what's causing it I just know that I have tried so many things and none of them work. I went to the dermatologists who's injected me with about 8 cortisone shots this year alone and the cystic acne keeps coming back in the same places. I have to pay out of pocket at the dermatologist office and its getting so expensive. He gave me tretinoin cream, veltin, and a spray that smells like chlorine