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  1. Mandy, I am checking up on you as I have been thinking about you a lot for a weird reason! You are so beautiful and it makes me so upset that you have to deal with this, seriously. Love ya! Keep the updates coming.
  2. Mandy...hon. Good luck on Accutane. I know I can't be of much help in that area, but PM me ANY time you want...I'm always here for you. Love ya, hon. June 11th is coming soon!!
  3. Maybe you can try different topicals which can keep things at bay? Have you gone to an actual dermatologist and not just an MD? Some derms are willing to put people on Accutane even if they haven't exhausted their options. Maybe try a different antibiotic or a combo of them (your derm will say) and if that isn't going well for you -- you can explain to your derm how it makes you feel, how long you have suffered and you would really like to try Accutane. Anyway, we are always here for you...and
  4. I haven't been in a long time...but I am a cheerleader and all that, so I was practically forced to go. In order to keep your body in shape, you should go to the Gym and do cardio 3 times a week. Low in intensity and long in duration. I loved the elliptical for a while until it started to be too much for my knees...but the ab machines are great. One is harder than the other, but they are my favorite.
  5. The refining mask works so well...but use QHMJ mask since they are very similar.
  6. Maybe you can try to use the BHA at night and use a different topical in the morning? Or visa vera for that matter. I never got an IB from the BHA -- but then again, I'm not a person who ever got an IB except for a few days last year when I was on the CSR. As for scarring -- most people don't get scars unless they have moderate-severe acne (like nodules and cysts, etc). If you have a milder case then don't wrrry about scars as much as redmarks (which can be faded). :]
  7. aw glad to see u rejoined the org!! and good to hear your doing well! I'm not too ad either thanks! Just glad its finally the wknd! :D

  8. Hey, I'm sorry to hear about your problems. Instead of focusing on that, what have you been doing to help your skin and to help you out emotionally? Anything? I hope you feel better soon.
  9. Hey! Yeah, I did like, 2 days ago. Lame, huh? Hehe, thanks for the welcome back though =] I'm great, how are you?

  10. hey!! I just notcied today that u had unregistered your old account, and i wa slike "wtf?" lol! But i'm glad to see u back!! how are youuu?

  11. Hey you! Yeah, I PM'd Joel like 2 days ago to delete my acct (mistake!!) I wasn't coming her often anymore, but you guys have grown on me so I am back. I miss you all in the lounge though =[ I'm a dumbass!

  12. Deena, where'd you go, I miss you so, I feel like a rainbowwwwwww, cause you know, I'm uh nvm... :D