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  1. My skin seems to be clearing up again some... all the big pimples I had last week are now gone yay! I just had a couple whiteheads on my right cheek & I did squeeze them But I want them gone! I know Accutane makes it take longer to heal after you pop you pimples but usually once I pop them, they dry out & go away & then the skin peels off & it lightens the scar. Did any of you notice you guys broke out more while on accutane if you ate junk?
  2. The couple pimples I had from last week are all now dried out & flattening, thank goodness! I have 2 new little pimples that aren't very big on my temple and forehead. I will be ecsssstatic if this is the end of my breakouts & my skin starts clearing from good. I've been eating pretty well the last week & drinking lots of water so hopefully this all helps! I have some bad scarring on my right cheek from popping the pimples, I know I shouldn't but they dry out & the next day when
  3. I've been breaking out the last few days & it sucks ! I've had like 7 or so new pimples within the last 5 days :(((((( Accutane is so up & down, I was clear for about 2 weeks & my face was looking great & now I'm breaking out again! I think it could do a little with how my diet has been, I'd been binge eating the last two weeks, chocolate, fast food, etc so maybe that could have contributed to it but idk The last two days I've upped my dose to 40mg a day so we'll see whether I
  4. So I've only been taking 20mg a day instead of 40mg every other day because I'm scared of the side effects. Last week I got a yeast infection (gross, I know but I think it's only fair I tell you guys all the possible side effects) for the first time in my life and I believe it's due to Accutane because I started taking 40mg everyday & then that happened. When I first started Accutane, I caught a cold & it didn't go away for over two weeks & I believe that's due to Accutane weakeni
  5. I won't be updating everyday because I don't see any changes so far.. no new pimples, no new symptoms. My skin is dry & that's about it. Does anyone know when scars start fading??
  6. thanks I'll have to try that!!
  7. I currently have no new actives, hoping this continues! I did drink maybe 3 drinks this weekend so I only took 20mg on saturday & sunday instead of 40mg. I'm going to start taking 40mg every other day before I start it everyday. Besides that I don't see any differences. Everything is going pretty smoothly so far. My skin is peeling & dry but not unbearable, maybe because I used Epiduo as a topical before starting accutane & my skin was already dry. The blackheads on my nose are
  8. So the couple little breakouts I got two days ago aren't active anymore. I got one little one on my cheek & some clogged blackheads on the side of my nose (I never get pimples in these places) but those are going away too! I'm a little worried that wasn't my IB though because it's that time of the month & I always break out on my chin/jawline when it's that week. I upped my dose 3 or 4 days ago so who knows, I hope it is my initial breakout though cause I'm just ready for clear skin!!
  9. Soooo I got one new pimple & a group of clogged pores on the side of my nose that I guess will come up to surface as a huge pimple soon ;( On the bright side though, I had 2 nodules on my chin yesterday & they've gotten smaller overnight so that's good. My skin feels a mess though & my nose has a million blackheads that are being pushed to the surface verrrrrry slowly. I've tried charcoal masks & pore strips and they don't really help. Does anyone know a good exfoliator??