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  1. you know when i was on the regimen for the first few months i absolutely needed moisturizer after the BP application. Flash forward 3 years later and I almost never put on moisturizer. I guess my face is just used to it.
  2. pillow cases, wash your hair 2-3times every shower, etc etc, and yea same with me,
  3. mosturizer ... put some on and throughout the day just use toliet paper or w/e to soak up excess oil, theres no other way, but at least you wont flake
  4. yes there is a $10. something cents fee at the border yes there is a $10. something cents fee at the border and they charge it to you COD
  5. Hello, I don't post much but i do lurk the forums so i'm cought up on all the topics. While I've read that using AHA w/ vit E in it (I found this great stuff that I use after applying bp. Everything is working great, I use dkr 2.5% bp with my own cleaner and mosturizer. (I only get small pimples now that subside after a day and heal fully in about a week) BUT! I still have dark patches from my previous pimples/acne and a small red bump on my nose (not sensitive, just won't heal) I can't find
  6. If acne could be cleared that simply, do you think anyone would be here? Or this site would even exist?
  7. as always consult a doctor if you have any reactions and always read the labels. most of my advice is pure common sense, and if you are healthy your skin will reward you. obese men/women will need to diet while maintaining a healthy regime, which is difficult. @the poster above me, i would not use any chemical products on my skin, cut 1/2 lemon and use it as a peel daily and the red marks will clear up, guaranteed.
  8. Here it is, not only will you have perfect skin, but all your wounds will heal faster and any pimples will heal so fast they won't even break the skin. In this order of importance. 1. Drink 2.5 -> 3 litres of water everyday. If you aren't drinking or peeing, something is wrong. Your goal is to have clear pee, indicating that you don't have any toxins remaining to filter out. 2. Do 20 or more minutes of cardio every day, make sure to get your heart-rate up. 3. Take 1 multivitamin everyday