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  1. Stick with it. I too notice some days marks are redder than others? Sometime to after a workout they are redder to or hot shower. Give it time. Many may take a good 6-12 months to fade completly
  2. Start w/ a 50/50 mix with diluted water. Use both morning & night for best results but once a day will still help. You can follow up w/ a moisturizer if needed, but try not to if not needed.
  3. I took about 4-5 months but am now tons better. I too had moderate acne primarily body. I tried so manythings so many times but never really stuck with anything longer than 2-3 months. I decided this time to stickit outlong run and it is finally working. I am now attempting scar remedies now that my acne has subsided!
  4. I have better skin in the summer. Plus it hides the marks better on tan skin than white skin.
  5. I just ordered a 25% TCA peel kit as well. I planto use on chest scars & Red Marks. I will try to take pics before and after. Any info on how exactly you used it? ie how long you left it on, how often you reapplied, and what you did between peels? Thanks.
  6. Is this OK or not the right stuff to try? Basically have a few raised scars looking to minimize the appearance? Considering 25% TCA peel
  7. You can use 50/50 mix ACV to water as a toner after cleansing. Then wait like 20 mins and apply the BP. Then 15 mins later lotion if desired.
  8. I would keep up with the antibiotics as well as the regimin for a few months, then slowly ween off the antibiotics and see how it goes. I have done basically the same but was more cold turkey and have had good skin still. I too not a big antibiotic fan. I was on prescription topicals and antibiotics for about 3 months prior to learning about the regimin and am now 100% regimin w/ addition of AHA and ACV to help clear red spots now.
  9. could you add AHA as well to the above regimen? or to much? or just do the acv say in the evening and the AHA in the morning. currently looking to reduce redmarks and scars
  10. Which would you suggest or recommend. Basically acne is cleared up. Looking to remove red marks & scars on chest & shoulders primarily & maybe a few on stomach area. Will not be used on face. Some of these are years old and some are more recent. Anyway what would one recommend for normal to slighty oily skin, darker completion (1/2 mexican). I have been using AHA 10% lotion for two weeks and looking to start the peel in about 2 more weeks. So the AHA would have been used for 4
  11. Looking for some good over the counter scar remedies. I am now pimple free, just have some lingering redmarks, hyperpigmentation and scars. I am currently using morning & night: -cleanser, -BP 2.5% (last few months) -10% AHA Alpha Hydrox lotion (only for the last two weeks) OK so what would be an ideal scar repair/removal method for me. I've seen so many not sure which to use. Also this will really only be done on chest & shoulders, & maybe back. My face is fine. Ideas plea
  12. I just slapp it on and never seen any bleaching to my hair or eyebrows.
  13. I have these too. Like to know the answer as well. Preferebly an over the counter/ at home way. I don't expect perfection, just improvement!