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  1. Why is this fantastic treatment overlooked? It works.

    I've waited for several months after starting Nlite before posting this review, as I wanted to make absolutely sure the fact my skin is currently perfect (apart from a couple of old scars from cysts) was not due to anything else but the Nlite. I'm not even going to mention what clinic I went to as I was put off myself when reading reviews by the idea that they were bogus reviews written by clinics advertising. I've suffered for about 30 years with acne, with the odd few years of relief when I
  2. Spotty500

    Trip to Hell

    Trip to Hell

    I was so excited to try this after 30 years with acne. I've never had any side effect to any medication and never been on antidepressants or had mental health issues. From the reviews I read I got the impression most people were fine on it, that the main problem was that it might not work, and that a few people who had bad effects had caused it to be prescribed more carefully than was maybe helpful for acne sufferers. I was started on only 20mg and told that would be put up to 40 and 60. By
  3. I must have been Vitamin D deficient for ages, I get hardly any sun. I've taken 2,000IU yesterday and today and feel different...in a good way!! I don't think the zinc will be absorbing yet but am taking it anyway. Skin surprisingly good.
  4. Wrong. There doesn't have to be a hormone "imbalance", more usually it's just a genetic sensitivity of your skin to a usual amount of hormones. A good indication of whether it could be anything to do with hormones is whether you also have any hirsutism - e.g. hair on upper lip that isn't as soft as you'd expect.
  5. I just bought a bottle of 60 15mg Zinc tablets - the supermarket's own brand - for 99p. Not much chance of the drug companies putting funding and effort into researching anything they can't patent or make money from. But I think the answer to acne is closer than 10 years away as it's coming on in leaps and bounds with the internet and loads of spotty people stuck on it at home desperate for an answer. I've been having a look at why zinc is being so effective for some people and think I've
  6. Really interesting stuff here, Databased. Hits many buttons with me, so I'm going to start on your regimen. I've never tried any diet or anything routine like this but it looks like it has so many other good aspects to it that one can't go wrong. I've noticed what a difference sleep makes and been looking for something like this to try since topicals and pills all seem to have their limitations. Thanks for setting things out so clearly so it's as easy to follow. Acne returned a few years
  7. Considering lady parts consist of "mucus membrane" and acutane being something I've heard dries your body out, it may be possible it's just a reaction to drying. I think you should check with your doctor to make sure it's ok to take the accutane! If it's causing that bad side affects you could always try something like spironolactone instead. OMG, accutane sounds more horrible with everything I read about it! Good luck and I hope you're ok.
  8. Depends where you are - if you're in the UK you can usually get a few sessions on the NHS.
  9. Hello Latingirl! I'm not a regular, but welcome anyway. It's a great site. After reading all about others experiences with Spiro, I managed to get hold of some and have taken it since May. It took about 2/3 months and now I have clear skin. I've got the doctor to prescribe it now. He made a bit of a fuss about doing so, which really wound me up as I'm 33 now, and he happened to be the same doctor I went to when I was 16 the first time and the idea of how different things would have been
  10. Dan, thanks for making this site. It meant I was able to research what other people thought of spirolactone and eventually here I am with a clear face. Wonder what all the doctors I went to were doing because so much for my 20s. Wish I'd come across this site years ago.

    Helen x

  11. Interesting. I used to consider myself pretty sound mentally, but now, 16 years with acne and I'm wavery in all sorts of areas. Maybe excessive cortisol damage is one reason my memory's terrible and I don't seem able to be happy like I used to even now the acne's dealt with. I'm hoping things will change as my life redevelops around the new acne-free me, but it's hard to get over the mental damage when it's shaped your life to some degree for so long. Not surprising that level of anxiety d
  12. Hi, I'm new. Great site! Sorry to post a new topic as there's another one about Nlite, but also wanted to see if anyone has any experience of hair removal laser clearing acne to shed some light on my confusion. This is a bit of a long one I'm afraid but here goes. Experience with Nlite After my acne came back 2 yrs ago at 30 I tried several things and finally ended up seeing a dermatologist who worked with Dr Chu in developing the Nlite. He was definitely genuine (I was recommended by peo