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  1. Do a parasite detox;
    Take 1 teaspoon of black whole peppercorn, swallow with help of water (don't chew) drink plenty of water and eat something right away(do for 5 days/check your stool for roommates)
    drink buttermilk/kefir daily
    Take 1 teaspoon psyllium husk everyday
    drink herbal teas 
    nettle and red raspberry leaves

    Avoid any kind of scrubs!

  2. It's super important to sleep in whole fabric like 100% cotton or any other natural  whole fabric, and have natural 100% bed linens too
    i notice I can't sleep well, if I wear mixed fabric pajama
    so most likely it's mixed/synthetic fabric that actually causes acne 

  3. drink herbal teas, or take tinctures, they balance hormones and prevent future breakouts
    nettle and red raspberry leaf
    honeybrush, milk thistle, burdock
    drink 30 min before meal, avoid taking any other drugs
    do a parasite detox, they absorb all nutrients you eat and your body ends up getting nothing due to roommates!

  4. 9 hours ago, Yola4 said:
    May I ask why you suggest this?  It might not be an actual allergic reaction but the response you had is definitely your body's way of telling you to get that foreign substance off of you. Some doctors will tell you to keep going with the treatment and things will get better. But that is not a normal response. Follow your instincts...If I were you I would throw it in the trash and use nothing but alcohol free, chemical free products for awhile while just spot treating any pimples. 
    Buttermilk is for calming down skin and charcoal for allergic reaction and reducing swelling

  5. Thanks for sharing your healing process!
    i would do clay mask only once a week, cause it's pulls out all the moisture from skin, I once did clay mask every day, my skin turn very dull and irritated 
    yes daily bowel movement is extremely important to have clear skin
    a lot of times people have ugly cysts is just because their body system get toxicated from not getting rid of waste, it gets absorbed to blood and shows on skin
    that's why it's super important to eat soups daily and drink buttermilk/kefir or Greek yogurt

  6. Hi,
    drink herbal teas daily!  They balance hormones and cure acne
    red raspberry leaf, nettle, burdock, milk thistle, dandelion
    drink 30 min before meal, avoid any other drugs 
    organic dairy and meat makes HUGE Difference!!

  7. I used to have dry patches, not any more 
    I use salilic acid cleanser every other day
    and non acid in between 
    i also don't use any toners and apply acne treatment every other day
    i also apply moisturizer over acne treatment 
    also take inside vitamin E and 1-2tablespoon flaxseed oil daily
    keep acne cleansers and treatments out of restroom, they become more harsh and stop working the way they suppose to work

  8. Organic dairy and meat makes huge! Huge difference!!
    raw eating cures any skin issues!! Start eating more fruits and vegetables!
    when you stop hormonal pills start drinking herbal teas, they balance hormones and prevent future acne
    red raspberry, nettle, burdock, milk thistle, honeybrush 
    drink 30 min before meal for better results, avoid taking any drugs same time
    apply buttermilk every 2 days for scars heal 
    drink buttermilk/kefir daily, good for gut flora 
    get rid of magnifying mirror if you have one