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  1. Hi,

    It might be sugar spikes.. I know on myself.  When ever I drink wAter I add pinch of cinnamon(Vietnamese/Saigon my fav) it keeps blood sugar even.  Whatch what you eat on empty stomach.. Stick to organic dairy only!. it's the hormones in dairy/meat that triggers acne.  Eat beans, quinoa, buckwheat, yams, kale.  I highly advise to drink buttermilk/kefir 2 cups a day(separate from any meat)  Learn how to control blood sugar and you are going to see a huge difference, I promise you! 

  2. Hi,
    I think it's great addition to your diet!  I would highly advise to add flaxseeds oil and vitamin E.  If you drink milk, drink only organic, I notice myself I had very few breakouts when I drink organic milk, when I switch to nonorganic I had very ugly breakouts.  Drink buttermilk or kefir, 2 cups a day (don't drink at same time with any meat)